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Bespoke Fencing

"Bespoke orders are built once an order has been placed. Due to this, delivery can take up to 3 - 4 weeks. Should you require an accurate delivery time, please feel free to contact us on 01282 774 955 or 07884 184 842"

Larch Fence Slats

Our range of Larch Fence Slats offer customers the chance to create a modern feature or boundary within their property. The Larch Fence Slats are available in a range of sizes which are perfect for those customers looking to create something totally unique. Whether you are looking to create a tailored fence panel, gate, log bin or piece of garden furniture, our larch slats are perfect for you!

Please Note: We recommend using stainless steel nails, fixings and catches on our Larch products as other metals have the potential to cause staining and reactions within the wood.

Our Siberian Larch Slats are FSC kiln dried sawfalling grade I-IV Should you wish to keep the slats looking their best, we recommend the use of a UV stabilising oil. This is readily available online. Please contact us if you require any advice.

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