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Bespoke Fencing

"Bespoke orders are built once an order has been placed. Due to this, delivery can take up to 3 - 4 weeks. Should you require an accurate delivery time, please feel free to contact us on 01282 774 955 or 07884 184 842"

Rough Sawn Fence Panels

Our range of Rough Sawn Fence Panels are the perfect modern addition to properties that want to have an affordable alternative to the Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar Fence Panels. Whilst the Rough Sawn Timber Panels may be cheaper they do not comprimise on quality! The panels are made from toughened timber and offer a rustic solution. Like other panels, we have a range of sizes avaiable.

Why choose Rough Sawn Timber Fence Panels?

The rough sawn range is a cheaper option that can fit well in any home in the UK, regardless of size. The toughened timber is resistant to British weather and offers a sound investment for years to come. Please note: We recommend using Stainless Steel Fixings with this panel to avoind unsightly staining, chemical reactions other damage caused by cheaper metals.

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