Should I Buy Composite Fencing Or Timber For My UK Garden?

Composite Fencing Vs Timber Fencing - Which is Right For You?

As suppliers of quality composite fence panels, we’re often asked whether it’s a better option than traditional wooden fencing. It’s not a simple answer though as in all honesty - your lifestyle is what makes the decision for you as a fence is far more than just a fence.

When it comes to the aesthetics of our garden, the difference that a well thought out backdrop can make to the foliage or landscaping of your garden can be truly stunning. And our weather here in the UK means our gardens can sometimes be an afterthought as opposed to the well-used gardens in sunnier climates. Until you see the results of a new fence!

There’s always a knock-on effect when someone invests in a quality fence as it instantly raises the appeal of what their neighbouring properties can see - they’ve literally raised the stakes! If you want to outdo the Jones’ though, let’s do a little ground research (pun most definitely intended!) first shall we?

Boxed-In Thinking

The first thing is to keep an open mind. It is easy to see the merits of someone else’s garden when the new fencing is in situ, but your circumstances will often be different to theirs. Your own needs most definitely need bearing in mind so don’t be too attached to one type or the other until you’ve considered the bigger picture. We never just tell people that one type of fencing is better than another, as you can’t do this until you’ll borne in mind factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • How much time you have to maintain the fencing
  • How long you expect the fencing to last
  • Whether you’re someone who changes their mind and would want to completely change the colour scheme of your fencing
  • Most importantly - your own taste. There’s a very different aesthetic to a charcoal composite fence than a natural Cedar fence!


This is often the biggie. There are very different costs to bear in mind when choosing whether to opt for natural timber fencing or a WPC (wood-plastic composite). Composite fencing has a higher up front investment, often costing double the amount that a timber fence would to install. Cost is often a prime factor in any project, and your fencing is no different.

Composite fencing is designed for low maintenance over the 20-25 year lifespan. Whilst the ‘end uses’ of composite fencing and timber fencing are the same, the production process and final products are extremely different. Let’s not forget that with composite fencing you’re buying a very different product to a Larch or Cedar fence, so we’d suggest taking everything into account in terms of budget, rather than just using simple price comparison.

Is composite or timber fencing best for you and your budget?

Time Poor?

Yes, you can save money in the short term by choosing timber fencing, and it is also designed to last far longer than other timbers such as pine, but you can’t get away from the fact that it’s a natural product being exposed to the elements day in, day out. It needs some loving from time to time as opposed to a quick wipe down occasionally like WPC fencing. If you know that DIY and home improvements aren’t top of your list, be realistic. The initial investment of a timber fence won’t feel like an investment if you don’t have time to look after it how it needs you to. Looking out from your home at a composite fence that’s kept it’s looks WAY down the line, will make you feel far better than the ‘reminder that you really must get around to treating your timber fence panels amidst your busy life.

Fencing Longevity

Where composite fencing is concerned, this is where it shines. We forget that by the time a product is available for sale, it’s already had extensive research, design, and testing applied to it. The combinations of timber and resins will have been tested rigorously to determine which will stand the test of time against the elements. That’s what you’re paying for, for it to stay gorgeous without splinters or fading, for 20 years against wind, rain, UV rays, mould, insects - these poor fences do quite a job you know!

It’s ALL About The Looks!

There’s not many areas in life where we’ll tell you to be choosey, but where the home and garden are concerned, you want to be surrounded by the things that you love. The difference your fence will make to your garden aesthetic is vast. All the more reason to choose one you enjoy looking at! Our composite fencing panels come in Brown, Grey and Charcoal - colours that would require significant maintenance to create and keep up with on timber. This is one of the reasons we added composite fencing to our range. We adore how stunning the Larch and Cedar panels look both at the start, and how beautifully they age, but it would be criminal to colour them black if that was what you wanted for your garden!

Composite fencing can give garden boundaries an impeccable backdrop to your garden for many, many years to come, it’s the perfect choice. Whether you’re looking at Stunning Cedar, Lovely Larch or Contemporary Composite, get in touch with our team and we’ll happily talk you through the best fit for your lifestyle and garden.