Creating A Contemporary Garden

How to Create A Contemporary Garden You Love

With our good old British summer now being in full swing (yes seriously folks - it actually is!) it's a time where many of us look to improve the surroundings we are going to enjoy our barbecues and beers in - or Prossecco’s and Pimms of course... But if your fencing panels are letting the team down, it can take the edge off the enjoyment of spending time in your garden. Nobody wants to be trying to relax in a garden that’s screaming “you don’t love me anymore!” at them, do they? Don’t panic though - you can completely alter the appearance of your garden far more easily than you realise and the beauty of using our slatted fencing panels, for instance, is that in less than a day you can totally transform how your garden looks with ease.

As more homeowners are choosing to stay in their properties far longer than a decade ago, we’ve seen an increase in how many people are choosing to really maximise the use of their available space. If you’re looking to change your own garden in any way, there are a few things you may like to consider. How about you grab one of those nice cold drinks we mentioned while you mull this over…

Our range of cedar fence panels were used at RHS Tatton park

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Garden?

Before you surge ahead with the practical logistics, let’s just take a moment to consider not just what your garden is now, but what it could mean to your family with a little planning… Yes, the inside of your home is hugely important, but with the emphasis on our nation’s mental health now being more in focus, there’s no better way to switch off from the chaos of your day than simply being outside. Your garden is far more than a bit of turf to trim. Creating a mini haven outside which is just yours, where you can escape the world is a powerful health tool as well as helping you to enjoy the home you’re no doubt working hard to pay for.

Making small changes to your lifestyle such as just taking a few minutes each day to think about the world, your life, why are we even here? We jest - but a small change such as taking your breakfast outside will get your day off to a great start, as well as reminding you that you love your home and are looking forward to coming back to it later. Think about who is in your home and family, and consider each person. How would they get the most use out of the garden? If there are various needs ie children’s play areas as well as adult relaxation required, zoning can really work well. A family chat about how your garden would look if you all had your own needs met is often really insightful and you then have a great starting point too.

Planning Your Garden Layout

Now that you have a strong idea of what your family needs from your garden, you can then work out how to bring it to life. Your garden size will obviously play a key role in determining how much you can do with your outdoor space, but some other considerations may be:

  • Do I need to zone the garden into areas? If so, how many?
  • What are the functions of each zone?
  • Do I need hedges or fences to separate them?
  • Do any walls or boundaries need building?
  • Would I like any lighting features to highlight any aspects of the garden?
  • Shall I add a water feature?
  • Shall I have a lawn or add in plants?

As you can see, answering these questions will give you a really good framework for building your garden up. Even if your garden is minuscule, you’ll be amazed at how it can look with some creativity, and zoning a small garden still works really well as you can create separate points of interest to escape within. Many people now favour a lower maintenance garden. Introducing structure using concrete blocks or Cedar slats are a great way of creating raised beds or even seating areas really easily without a need to maintain them afterwards as Larch and Cedar age really beautifully without becoming unsightly.

Cedar slatted fence panels were used as a boundary on this driveway.

Get Creative With Your Garden Design Needs

Nothing is original any more so you don’t need to turn yourself inside out trying to win gardening awards. Take inspiration from websites or designers - maybe create a family board on Pinterest where you can each add your own ideas for what you’d love to have in the garden. The visual picture you build up makes it a lot easier to imagine what the finished product could look like and the materials you’ll need to create it.

You also don’t need to be a builder or landscaped gardener in order to create a stunning garden. As you can see from the above image, these slatted Cedar panels make a beautiful backdrop to a simple garden and the nature of the slats draws the eye to them. They take pride of place in the garden without overpowering it - a few years back the trends were all about painting fences with vibrant shades of stain but this didn’t always create a calm place if your colours clashed in any way!

Not only do slatted Cedar panels take that design pressure off you, but they are also a quick and uncomplicated way of covering up eyesores in the garden - maybe you have an old pebbledash garage or a run-down shed you’d love to cover? Simply hiding less aesthetically pleasing structures behind a Cedar fence panel or two and putting a few structural plants in front of it would instantly transform something you previously had to almost apologise for! Adding features such as a log-bin can turn a practical need into an attractive focal point.

Red cedar fence panels were used in this domestic renovation

How Much Should I Spend On Creating My Contemporary Garden

Now you have a structure for what you need to do, you have an idea of the scale of your project. The price of redesigning your garden is usually much less than the cost of your family holiday and the benefits last far longer than a week or two. The beauty of using our Cedar and Larch is that you don’t have to go ‘all in’ straight away. If budget is the main consideration, starting with just purchasing some Cedar or Larch panels and replacing old fencing will give you an instant garden upgrade to start with.

Our slatted Larch panels start from £75 and our slatted Cedar panels start from £80 so you can see it’s not going to break the bank to start enjoying your breakfast or beers in a place you enjoy being within. Once you have that backdrop as your starting point, you can then start to play with the other elements of your garden as your funds become available to you. Bespoke sizes of panels and gates can be made to order so if you need any help with planning any aspects of your garden or the best materials for your fencing, simply get in touch and any of our experienced team will happily help.