Stainless Steel Post Caps

Starting From £7.95 Inc. VAT

Starting From £7.95 Inc. VAT

The Stainless Steel Post Caps are best used on premium woods such as Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch. Unlike the galvanised post caps, the stainless steel options ensure that the wood stays protected and avoids chemical reactions that cause unsightly staining. Should you have any questions regarding the Stainless Steel Fixings, Post Caps or anything else within our range please contact us directly for sound advice.


Our range of Stainless Steel Post Caps is the perfect addition when creating a contemporary setting in your garden. They complete the look and really emphasise the slatted screen fencing and gates.

When dealing with Cedar or premium wood we always recommend using stainless steel as any other metals will usually cause staining and unsightly damage. Should you have any questions regarding our stainless steel fixings, nails and caps please contact us directly.