Thermo Wood Cladding

£15.00 Inc. VAT

Our new 118mm thermowood cladding profile is ideal for all domestic, commercial and low-rise cladding projects due to the low-maintenance and hardwearing properties of the thermowood timber.

  • 2.4M Lengths Available
  • High Quality Thermowood Timber
  • 10mm Channel Line
  • Stylish & Durable
  • Vertical installation

Thermowood Channel Cladding

We have all heard of pressure-treated pine or tanalised timber which is very common in outdoor projects such as decking or fencing, but, what if there was an alternative that is a more of a finished look with its rustic appearance and chemical-free?

What is Thermowood?

In a nutshell, it’s Vths Redwood that goes into an oven and is baked at 212 degrees, this is of course is way past the combustion point of timber, so steam is added. This baking process burns away all the proteins, carbs and vitamins in theory leaving it inedible for anything that would happily live on unprocessed wood. The cell structure changes in such a way that it takes on less moisture than unprocessed timber and with it being really dry, it’s not too prone to shrinkage either.

Most customers leave it in the medium brown achieved by the baking process rather than painting or staining and sometimes use a UV oil to add an extra depth of colour, this also helps protect from fading from the sun.

The colour goes all the way through the board unlike pressure treatments so if you cut or machine on site, the colour remains. There are no chemicals used in the process so environmentally, it is really friendly.

We only import Thermowood Redwood D by Lunawood and the ‘’D’’ means durable and suitable for outdoor use. There is an option available for internal use ‘’S’’ and we choose not to bother as ‘’D’’ can be used indoors also.

The timber will have natural defects such as knots, some splits etc so please allow for this when ordering, order around 10% more than you need as we cannot replace boards due to these natural defects.

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