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Delivery Information & Lead Times for Our Products

At Slatted Screen Fencing, our diverse range of products featuring various timber options, widths, heights, and gap sizes means we can’t keep everything stocked on shelves. This is why we provide lead times for our products, which depend on the specific item and the relevant team’s construction schedule. Please find below the lead times for our different items:

Delivery Times for Individual Slats

For orders including slats, posts, and other items, our team requires 3-5 working days to prepare, pack, and deliver your goods, partnering with reliable delivery services.

Lead Times for Our Different Construction Teams

We have specialized teams responsible for crafting various items. Here are the current lead times for each:

  • Fence Panels: Standard and bespoke fence panel orders currently require approximately 7-10 working days from the order date.
  • Gates, Bin stores, Storage, and benches: These items are in high demand, and our dedicated team currently needs approximately 3-4 weeks to complete your order.

What to Expect When Your Delivery is Ready

If you’ve ordered items such as slats, you’ll receive a notification once your order is booked and collected by the courier. Subsequent delivery updates and tracking details will come directly from the courier.

For larger quantities of slats or orders such as fence panels, gates, etc, or when pallet delivery is required, we will work with you to schedule a convenient delivery date. We’ll provide you with options, confirm the date with the pallet company, and share their contact information for real-time updates on the day of delivery.

Please be aware that while most deliveries proceed smoothly, there’s always a slight chance of delays. Therefore, we recommend not booking any installers or tradesmen until your order arrives and is verified. We want to ensure a seamless experience and won’t be liable for any charges resulting from delays.

We understand the desire for prompt deliveries, but timelines have naturally expanded with the global demand for timber and our commitment to handcrafted quality. Contrary to popular misconceptions, we’d like to clarify that our products aren’t generated by a wood-to-product machine! Your order is of utmost importance to us, and we’re working diligently to meet your expectations.

Our timber suppliers and importers face similar challenges, struggling with sourcing and increased shipping costs due to fuel hikes. Consequently, some products may briefly show as out of stock. We’ll clearly indicate any such cases on our online store and provide updates regarding their availability.

For any enquiries regarding orders or stock, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We appreciate your continued support as a family-run business with a dedicated team. We’re committed to minimizing lead times and will even hold your order until you’re ready to receive it, should the need arise.

Thank you sincerely for choosing Slatted Screen Fencing. Your support means the world to us. If we manage to expedite your order, we’ll inform you promptly. Likewise, if your original timeframe suits you better, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

Delivery Information and Terms

When your order is ready for delivery, we make every effort to ensure it reaches you promptly and in the same condition it left our workshop. However, there are instances where unforeseen circumstances can disrupt the delivery process, such as roadworks, vehicle breakdowns, human errors, and unexpected challenges. While these situations are rare and beyond our control, we understand the frustration that can arise from delayed deliveries. Below are our delivery terms and conditions to provide clarity on this matter:

By placing an order for delivery, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

While we aim to deliver your order on the specified day provided by the chosen delivery service, please note that we cannot assume responsibility for any delays or late deliveries. Since we rely on external pallet delivery and courier companies for transportation, we lack the ability to directly influence delivery schedules, allocate specific time slots, or expedite delivery progress. The majority of these services are booked online, and the information we typically receive is limited to status updates like “out for delivery” or “with the courier.”

To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend scheduling contractors, installers, or other involved parties once your order has safely arrived. We cannot be held accountable for any costs incurred due to delays or time off work resulting from waiting for deliveries.

If you are unable to personally accept the delivery on the designated day, we encourage you to arrange for someone trustworthy to receive it on your behalf.

In the rare event of a delivery delay, we regretfully cannot refund the delivery cost. While we acknowledge the inconvenience of waiting for a delayed delivery, our company policy necessitates charging for successful deliveries, which usually occur on the following day.

Handling Damages, Incorrect Orders, or Unforeseen Issues

Though uncommon, there are instances where a driver, courier, or warehouse personnel may not handle your fencing or other items with the same care and dedication that we do. We take immense pride in our products, and it’s disappointing when these hiccups occur.

In such situations, we ask for your understanding and cooperation. Despite the disappointment, it’s important to avoid directing frustration towards us. We’ve taken the time to meticulously craft your item, often wrapping it in protective materials like bubble wrap or cardboard, and sealing it in pallet film to safeguard it from dust, dirt, and moisture. Yet, occasional mishaps can still transpire, like accidental drops, parcels placed on top, or conveyor belt incidents. While these occurrences are rare, they are possible.

Should a delivery arrive with noticeable damage, kindly sign for the delivery with the appropriate indication and promptly notify us. This enables us to promptly engage with the responsible company and work toward a resolution. We’re here to discuss the extent of the damage and collaborate on finding the best possible solution.

Upon receiving your order, we encourage you to inspect it for accurate dimensions and specifications. If, on the rare occasion, you discover a discrepancy with your order’s intended measurements, please notify us immediately. We are committed to resolving any issues efficiently.