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Larch Rainscreen Slats

Our rain-screen profile is a stylish and unique addition to our range of Siberian Larch slats. The chamfered profile creates a contemporary shadow line which enhances the design. 

  • High-quality Siberian Larch
  • Available in 2.0m lengths and in two width options.
  • Premium finish with chamfered edges
  • Kiln Dried
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Pressure Treated Timber Slats

Our pressure treated fence slats offer the same great modern and contemporary look as other timber battens within our range, but at a much lower cost.

  • 44mm x 17mm slats
  • Available in 900mm, 1500mm, 2100mm & 2400mm lengths
  • Planed on all Sides
  • Affordable
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Narrow Larch Slats

Our narrow range of Siberian Larch Slats/Battens is a perfect option for customers looking to create a stylish, durable and modern feature within their property. The battens can be used to create a range of fence panels, benches, log bins and stores, furniture and more.

  • High-quality Siberian Larch
  • Available in 1.8m & 2.0m Lengths
  • Premium finish with planed sides
  • 44mm Slats
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Wide Cedar Slats

Our wider 94mm cedar slat is the same high-quality finish as our 44mm but offers clients the option of the larger profile.

 94mm wide x 17mm slat with a planed finish on all sides.

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar.
  • Premium Finish.
  • Beautiful Colours & Grain.
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Larch Fence Slats

Our wide fence slats in Siberian Larch provide customers with an opportunity to create their own bespoke fence panels, log bins and stores, garden furniture and more. The larch slats (also known as larch battens) are durable, stylish and can work well within any modern property.

  • High-quality Siberian Larch
  • Available in 2.0m lengths
  • Premium finish, planed on all four sides with eased corners
  • 94mm x 17mm kiln dried slats
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Narrow Cedar Slats

Canadian Western red cedar slats, planed on all 4 sides with eased/slightly rounded corners, this gives a much more premium look when compared to square finish.

 High-Quality number 2 or better with 15% of number 4

Our slats are 44mm x 17mm so slightly wider than the 38mm most other companies advertise, so you would need less of them when using similar spacing.

  • Canadian High-Quality Cedar.
  • Slightly wider slat 44mm x 17mm.
  • Premium finish with slightly rounded corners.
  • Stunning warm amber tones.

Fence Slats

Our Individual Fence slats are perfect for those customers looking to design their own contemporary garden fence panel or furniture. The slats (also known as individual fence battens) are available in Siberian Larch and Red Cedar and come in a variety of lengths. We have both wide and narrow slats available allowing customers to create a wide range of panels, furniture and more.

Please note: We recommend using stainless steel nails and fixings with our range of Fence Slats. This is to avoid potential reactions and staining within the wood. Should you have any questions regarding our Individual Fence Slats, wish to receive a free sample or simply want a quote, please contact us today on 0161 764 5362 or 07884 184 842.