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Stainless Steel Nails

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Stainless Steel Panel Nails

These stainless steel nails are required when installing our range of slats or boards.

The nails come in packs of 100 and can be used with any individual slat or board within our product range.

£3.75 per *100 nails. *Bags of nails are approximate in number and may vary slightly.

The 1kg bag contains approx 800 - 850 nails and offers a saving over buying smaller quantities. 


Stainless Steel Nails For Our Slats and Boards

Our stainless steel panel nails are the perfect purchase to accompany our range of slats and boards. The nails are tough, durable and will not cause a reaction to natural oils found within woods like Cedar and Larch. The nails come in packs of 100 and are perfect for use with any of the slats or boards within our range.

Should you look to purchase our individual fence slats (cedar battens) we will recommend these nails as they will not affect the wood or cause any unsightly marks.

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