Tulip Wood Fence Slats

Tulipwood Narrow Slat

Starting From £9.00 Inc. VAT

Our Tulip Wood Fence slats are planed on all 4 sides with eased/slightly rounded corners. This provides a much more premium look when compared to a square finish. Our slats are 44mm x 17mm so slightly wider than the 38mm most other companies advertise, so you would need less of them when using similar spacing.

  • Tulip Wood – Thermally Modified (AKA Cambia Wood).
  • Slightly wider slat 44mm x 17mm.
  • Premium finish with slightly rounded corners.
  • Stunning brown earthy tones.

Tulip Wood Fence Slats

Our collection of Tulip Wood Fence slats (also known as Cambia Wood) give customers a number of ways to add a stylish and durable feature to their gardens and homes at a price that will not break the bank. The slats can be used in a range of projects both internally and externally due to the thermally modified finish of the timber.

We have a range of slat lengths available ranging from 6ft (1.83m) up to 16ft (4.8m). Please note: all lengths that are 12ft (3.6m) and above will be on a collection basis only.

The thermal modification process for our tulip wood uses high-heat treatment to improve the durability and dimensional stability. This process allows us to achieve a rich, nature inspired earthy tone that will resonate with lovers of contemporary design.

Should you have any questions regarding our range of Tulip Wood slats, please contact our team today on 0161 764 5362.