Fire Pits


Starting From £159.99 Inc. VAT

The Expedition fire pit is a mobile fire pit that can be collapsed and rebuilt within a few easy steps. This makes the fire pit a perfect option for camping! Once the fire pit has cooled safely, the side can be removed and packed away easily.

  • Material – 3mm Steel
  • Length- 50cm
  • Weight – 12kg
  • Width – 50cm
  • Height – 22cm
  • Made in Great Britain


Starting From £249.99 Inc. VAT

The Heritage fire pit is a stunning addition to any property. The 3mm thick steel, complete with a 600mm diameter is guaranteed to create a visually stunning and impressively warm feature ideal for socialising with friends and family.

  • Material – 3mm Steel
  • Diameter- 600mm
  • Height – 30cm (including stand)
  • Weight- 22kg (including stand)
  • Made in Great Britain


Starting From £78.99 Inc. VAT

The Nomad fire pit is the smaller sibling of the Expedition but still packs a punch when it comes to creating warmth. Like the Expedition, the Nomad is an ideal fire pit for those on the move, especially lovers of the great outdoors and camping.

The Nomad measures in at;

  • Material – 2mm Steel
  • Length- 30cm
  • Weight – under 3kg
  • Width – 30cm
  • Height – 17cm
  • Made in Great Britain


Starting From £499.99 Inc. VAT

The “Olympian” is the largest bowl in our range and has the presence its title deserves, this shallow spun bowl has the epic stand which our Olympian sits proudly on.

Our handmade unique tri-base stand doubles as a log storage keeping any elements at bay and weighing over 30kg this fire pit is made from quality steel which will last the test of time.

  • Material – 4mm Steel
  • Diameter- 800mm
  • Height – 60cm (including stand)
  • Weight- 30kg (including stand)
  • Made in Great Britain


Starting From £225.00 Inc. VAT

“The Traveller” is made from stainless steel and is designed with the rural adventurer inside us all and at 300mm makes this fire pit the perfect portable partner for adventure.

  • Material – 2mm Stainless Steel
  • Diameter- 300mm
  • Height – 20cm (including stand)
  • Weight- 1.5kg (including stand)
  • Made in Great Britain

Fire Pits

Our steel fire pits are the perfect addition to any home.  We have a selection of fire pits available that are ready to be used as soon as you get home. Simply choose your fuel, sit back, and enjoy the warmth generated!