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Bin Store Installation Guide

Our bin store installation guide shows how customers can assemble the triple, quad and quint bin stores in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Bespoke options may require additional instruction from speaking with a team member directly.

Please see the below video to see how to assemble your slatted bin store. Additional steps have also been covered within this guide.

Double Bin Store Installation

The double bin store requires no assembly and comes ready to be placed in your desired space. Customers only need to ensure the store is placed on a level surface to avoid wobbling.

Triple, Quad & Quint Bin Store Installation

These bin stores will be delivered as flat pack items with simple instructions catering to customers without DIY experience.

These items are all labelled with markers to show where each section goes and how to secure it with screws and fixings.

Bin Store Installation Steps

The following steps will echo that of the video however, should you have any questions regarding the setup of your bin store, please get in touch with us at 0161 764 5362.

Step One: Set out your pieces.

Opening your package and laying out the bin store pieces before beginning would be best. Ensure you have enough space to work in and carry out this task comfortably. Laying everything out will allow you to see where each section fits and where fixings can be applied.

Having an extra set of hands to help you will make this a swift build.

Step Two: Build from the back.

Take the back panel (the rear side of the store) and one of the side panels and slot them into place. There will be markers showing where each section meets and where the screws can be drilled.

Once the screws are in place, find the other side and repeat. Once all screws are in place, the store should stand unaided, making the next steps easier to complete.

Step Three: Internal Structure

The internal pieces are used to create the bin store bays and help add rigidity to the bin store and create the roof foundation.

Take each internal piece and screw it onto the framework of the back panel using the placement markers to help. Once the internal pieces are attached, this will create the individual bays that house each bin.

Step Four: Front panel

The last step is to attach the front panel with doors. Repeating the process of the side panels, slot the front section onto the sides and interior sections and drill in the screws using the placement markers for guidance.

We recommend using a pair of snips to cut one of the cable-tied doors so that you can screw everything into place from inside the store and exit without having to climb out, which may be tricky.

Step Five: The Roof

Fitting the roof section is as easy as the other steps, regardless of roof type. Planter tops, standard slatted roofs or hinged access can be lifted onto the top of the bin store and will fit into place.

Once again, the placement markers show where the screws can be drilled in, situated on the underside of the framework of the front panel section. These screws will grab and secure the roof, meaning that your bin store is now ready to use.