Stainless Steel Gate Hinge

Starting From £43.00 Inc. VAT

Starting From £43.00 Inc. VAT

Our heavy-duty stainless steel gate hinges are ideal for hanging gates of all sizes.

We recommend three hinges per gate with 250mm and 350mm options available.

  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Satin Finish
  • 3 X Hinges Per Gate
  • Prices are per Hinge

Our range of heavy-duty stainless steel gate hinges are an ideal option for our range of slatted and solid gates.

The stainless steel hinges come in a satin finish, are available in two different sizes and are safe to use with all of the timbers within our collection.

The hinges are in a satin finish and are fully adjustable in both the up/down and side to side axis.

Hinges are sold individually so are priced per hinge, we recommend 3 per gate for best results.

**Please note fittings such as screws or bolts are not included, prices are for 1x per hinge only**