Thermo-Ayous Slatted Panels

Starting From £125.00 Inc. VAT

Starting From £125.00 Inc. VAT

or 3 payments of via PayPal Logo interest-free as always.

  • High-quality African hardwood
  • Bespoke Options available
  • Durable with impressive longevity
  • Gap options available
  • Stunning grain, virtually knot free
  • Matching gate available on request

To provide the best protection for your panels, we highly recommend Armourflex UV Protection Oil.

Please note: The panels (900mm in height upwards) will arrive in modular sections. This will allow each section to sit on top of the other until the desired height is met, making installation extremely easy.

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Delivery estimated from £90 with approximately 7-10 working days lead time.

Thermo-Ayous Slatted Panels

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Highest Quality Thermo-Ayous

Ayous is native to West and Central Africa. Thermally modified Ayous – also known as ‘Obeche’ which comes from the name of the tree.  Being Thermally Modified gives it a darker colour of browns, enhanced grain and a smooth texture. Thermally Modified Ayous Timber undergoes a meticulous heat treatment process that transforms its inherent properties, elevating it to a league of its own. This innovative technique involves subjecting the timber to controlled high temperatures, resulting in a material that boasts heightened durability and a distinctive charm. This makes it the perfect timber of choice for our Slatted Fence Panels, Gates, Bin Stores and much more.

Slatted Fence Panels

Our Thermo-Ayous slatted fence panels useing our 44mm x 17mm slat to create a sleek, contemporary Slatted Panel that will sit beautifully in any setting. The rich, warm colour of the timber and the beautiful grain and smooth texture will elevate your garden, giving your outdoor space a touch of sophistication.

The panels are available in two widths, multiple height options, and two gap size options. We also offer bespoke sizes as we know that many projects often require a bespoke should you have any questions regarding our Thermo-Ayous slatted panels. Please get in touch with our team on 0161 764 5362.

Thermo-Ayous Slatted Panels

When it comes to choosing the right timber for your project, Thermo-Ayous stands out for its exceptional durability and stability. This timber gives you a similar look to Iroko but boasts ease of handling, making it a top choice for a variety of applications.

Thermo-Ayous timber is a great choice for any project. Hand-built by our team at Slatted Screen Fencing, our Thermo-Ayous Slatted Panels showcase the timber’s impressive longevity, smooth texture, and exquisite grain. It’s not just a panel it’s a statement piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer flexibility in our panel options. Choose from two length variations, two gap options, and a range of heights. For those projects that need a bespoke element, we offer a bespoke service where we can build the slatted panel to suit your requirements.

Choosing Thermo-Ayous will ensure a stunning finish to any project.

Recommended to use stainless steel fixings.

Thermo-Ayous Slatted Panels Features


Highest Quality Thermally Modified Ayous

Thermo-Ayous achieves a 1-2 class durability rating according to EU standards.


Impressive Lifespan

Being Thermally Modified, Ayous has a potential service life of 40 years.



The timber is clear grade, uniform and virtually knot free. It can take finishes and stains initially well.


Contemporary Design

Our Thermo-Ayous will elevate any project with the sleek and modern aesthetics Thermo-Ayous bring.


Cost Comparison

Thermo-Ayous sits mid to high range, although it typically comes at a lower cost than some of the more popular species, as in comparison.



Ideal for external cladding applications, fencing and gates.

Thermo-Ayous Slatted Panels Dimensions

Please choose your desired panel using the options below.

Panel is supplied in 1 modular section.

Please note, all panel heights are approximate and are determined by finishing to a full slat.

Delivery Information

Here at Slatted Screen Fencing, we try to have your product ready to ship as soon as possible for the best price possible. We offer both delivery service and a collection from our warehouse service. Please see details of how delivery is priced for this product below;

Quanity Delivery Collection
1-9 Panels (up to 2000mm Wide) £90 Free
10+ Panels (up to 2000mm Wide) £130 Free
1-3 Panels (2100mm Wide) £90 Free
4+ Panels (2100mm Wide) £130 Free

Please note: Collection is available only from our warehouse based in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Compare our Thermally Modified Ayous Slats

See how our Thermo-Ayous Slatted options compare against other timbers within our collection.


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Durability High High Medium
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Customer Questions

Below are some of the most popular questions that we get asked daily. Should you require any further info or have any other questions please contact us directly.

Will my Ayous panel weather/turn grey over time?

Like all timbers, Thermally Modified Ayous will fade with the sunlight over time to a silver-grey. You can use a good quality UV protection oil to slow this fading process down. This will need to be repeated annually, depending on how much UV light your timbers get.

What does ‘Thermally Modify’ mean?

Thermally modified wood is a wood that has been modified by controlled temperature in an oxygen-free environment. This process changes the chemical structure, which increases its durability.

Can I oil my panel?

Yes, a good quality protection oil is recommended for some extra TLC. You can choose a UV clear protection oil should you wish to slow the fading process down.

Do I need to use stainless steel fixings?

Yes, the oils in the timber react with galvanised fixings, leaving black marks on your wood. Only stainless steel fixings should be used.

Does Thermally Modified Timber have knots?

Ayous has very little knots and is virtually knot-free, minimising any waste.

What is a modular fence panel?

We build our fence panels in modular sections. For example, an 1800mm high panel will come in 2x approx 900mm sections. This makes it easier to transport, quick, and easy to fit.