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Siberian Larch Slatted Fence Panel 2100mm High

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2100mm Larch Panel
Siberian Larch slatted fence panels offer a modern and contemporary look to any garden, courtyard or roof terrace, while still allowing natural light to pass through.

Available in both 1800mm & 2100mm wide options.

**Our 2100mm high section comes in three modular pieces, one 900mm & two 600mm sections, these simply stack one on top of the other to gain the overall 2100mm finished height, this makes installation very easy compared to dealing with one larger panel. Ideal as a stand alone fence or screen, perfect for adding height to an existing wall, or for screening existing fencing or walls, that are perhaps, not so pleasant to look at. Our slats are fixed from the rear using stainless steel fixings, so no nails are seen from the front to give a more premium look, the slats used are 44mm wide and have eased corners rather than the standard square finish, again to give a more premium look to the panel, the gap between the slats is 12mm.

remember to add your capping strip below if required.

A matching capping strip can be added along the top of the panel if required, please add this option to your order below.

Matching Bin stores & Gates are available to complete the look, please see our other listings or feel free to get in touch to discuss further. Bespoke widths, heights and gap sizes can of course be made, please contact us with your sizes and we will happily price these for you if needed.


Larch Modular Fence Panels

Our range of Siberian Larch Modern Fence Panels offer customers the opportunity to create a beautiful modern boundary for their property at an affordable and competitive price. Siberian Larch is a great timber for our slatted screen panels, being very dense it is very difficult for organisms to penetrate to wood and having a high tannin content means it has a high resistance to rot and decay, giving the timber a great natural lifespan.

Slatted screening offers not only a modern and contemporary look to your garden, but also gives a great backdrop for planting, see our gallery pics of our screens in a Gold Medal winning garden at Tatton Park that was shown on BBC's Gardeners world.

The Panels are simple to install with no special tools needed and being in modular sections are extremely easy to handle and install.

Slatted screening provides privacy without the feeling of being boxed in like traditional fencing and allows light and wind to pass through the panel.

Please Note: We recommend using stainless steel fixings with the Larch Fencing Panels, this will safeguard against chemical reactions with the natural oils within the timber that can result in unsightly staining if using standard screws/fixings.

Should you have any questions regarding our Siberian Larch Fencing Panels or wish to discuss bespoke options, please contact our team today on 01282 774 955 or 07884 184 842. .

Why choose our modular fence panels?

Coming from a background of fitting fencing for a number of years, we wanted to build a panel that was easy to install regardless of your experience, with this in mind we have designed our panels in modular sections.

Modular panels are easy to handle, one person can easily install this type of fencing, although it does make things quicker with another pair of hands.

Modular panels are easier to transport, this keeps delivery cost as low as possible and makes damage less of a risk.

Being in sections means, if any adjustments are needed to fit your area, these are also much easier than struggling with one large and heavy fence panel.

Weathering & Treatment

Like all timber Siberian Larch will weather if left, what is weathering?

All timber when exposed to UV rays and the elements will weather, this is a process where the timber will turn a silvery grey over time, the time this effect can take varies depending on direct sunlight, exposure to moisture and the type of timber.

The weathered effect is preferred by a large number of our clients and in the right situation can look fantastic, giving an almost driftwood like effect, however it can take time for this process to occur and while doing so the weathering effect can look a little uneven or patchy, to help this process there are products on the market that will help speed up the process and give a even weathering effect, Sioo:x wood Impregnation is one such brand.

Help prevent my wood from weathering

If you prefer to keep the look of the timber when new, then treating the timber with a UV protection oil will help prevent the sun and elements from turning it to a silver grey over time

Benefits of treating your timber with a UV protection oil include, long lasting protection against weathering, enhances the natural look, colour and grain of the timber, gives a consistent finish. Osmo UV Stabilising Oil Extra is one brand that will help prevent weathering.

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