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Cedar Solid Fence Panels

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Cedar Solid Fence Panels-2101

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Solid Cedar Fence Panels

The Solid Cedar Fence Panels are made using 94mm boards and can be made to any height you desire. The solid panels provide all customers with an improved level of privacy over the slatted screen panels due to no visible gaps.

The panels are built in modular sections - these sections simply stack on top of each other to create the desired fence panel height. Bespoke panel sizes are available upon request. Simply contact the team today for more information.

Please note: Like all products within our range, we only recommend using stainless steel fixings. This is to avoid chemical reactions within the wood which could potentially cause unsightly staining and damage.

Any panels over 900mm in height will arrive in modular sections, for example, 1200mm high will arrive as two pieces at approx 600mm high each, 1800mm high three pieces at 600mm high each.

This makes installation of the fence panels very easy, as these smaller, easy to handle pieces simply mount one on top of the other to gain the desired height and when installed give a seamless look of being one complete panel. 

The optional capping used is a 44mm slat fixed to the top of the panel for a decorative finish.


Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to fungal and insect attack, the timber is very light, machines easily and has a long service life and is particularly well suited for fencing and our British climate. Cedar will add a warm look to any garden with the natural mix of reds, ambers and browns, which if left will fade naturally to a silver/grey colour, the colours can be maintained by using oils or stains, one such oil is Osmo UV stabilising oil extra, this is readily available online. Please note only stainless steel screws or fixings are recommended when using Western Red Cedar, the natural oils present in the timber can react with other metals and leave unsightly black marking.

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