Tulip Wood Fence Panels

Tulip/Cambia Wood Fence Panels

Also known as Cambia Wood or American Poplar, Tulip Wood panels are rapidly increasing in popularity, favoured for their rich, warm brown tones and durability. Featuring silky smooth grain and stunning depth of colour, tulip wood fence panels are created through a specialist process which gives them their stunning vibrant finish.

What is tulip wood?

Tulip wood or Cambia is a versatile timber derived from the tulip tree. Tulip wood becomes Cambia when it undergoes a thermal modification process, which imparts beautifully deep, rich chocolate-brown tones that mimic exotic woods.

Tulip wood is truly unique in terms of its texture and appearance its natural variation in colour, silky smooth finish and charming, complex organic swirls and speckles in the grain provide a striking aesthetic offering the perfect backdrop to any outdoor environment. Each piece is different from the next, exemplifying the organic charm real timber is renowned for.

How are tulip wood fence panels created?

Tulip wood panels are created using Thermally Modified Wood lumber/timber that undergoes a specialist process giving the finished product a variety of benefits as a building material.

Using high heat in a controlled atmosphere, the Cambia thermal modification process improves the durability of the wood whilst simultaneously increasing dimensional stability. Following the thermal treatment, the wood undergoes a special drying process that infuses the characteristically rich, deep brown tones tulip wood is known for and highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Tulip wood products have unrivalled green credentials as one of the most sustainable products on the market currently.

Why tulip wood?

Tulip wood fencing provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly American hardwood option, allowing homeowners, architects and landscapers to achieve their desired aesthetic without the environmental concerns and costs associated with past alternatives.

Tulip/Cambia wood is rapidly becoming a popular timber choice here in the UK its versatility lends it to a variety of applications, including fence panels, gates and panelling. Benefits of tulip wood fence panels include:


Our panels are non-toxic and dont require harsh chemical treatments over time to extend their life. All timbers are sustainably sourced from accredited, carefully managed forests.


Hard-wearing and resilient, Tulip/Cambia wood fence panels are naturally less susceptible to warping and damage over time.

Resistance to rot and pests

The thermal modification process tulip wood undergoes eliminates any nutrients that may attract destructive pests or fungus, making it naturally rot- and pest-resistant with no additional treatment required.


Tulip wood has an impressive lifespan of 25 – 30 years to rival their non-treated counterparts.


Tulip/Cambia panels lend themselves perfectly to being stained/treated if desired. Bespoke-built options are also available.

Value for money

The current price of this timber allows you to achieve a premium finish and high-end aesthetic at a lower cost compared with similar alternatives. Like our other timbers, tulip wood provides excellent economy over its lifetime.

As tulip wood specialists, were dedicated to delivering premium products for our customers that stand the test of time.

We carefully select our timber and handcraft each detail in-house for beautifully refined fence panels tailored to your unique requirements.

Our sustainability policy ensures we go the extra mile when sourcing our timber – this product is sourced from some of the most carefully managed forests on the planet.

Available in a range of different widths and heights to suit most areas, our range of modular tulip wood panels will transform any outdoor space, offering charming character and style whilst providing privacy and defining boundaries.

With vibrant earthy tones and a deliciously dark finish, cambia wood fence panels provide a popular alternative to other panels.

Whether youve made your choice or need expert support to achieve your desired aesthetic, speak to our team today. Got a bespoke build in mind, or need dimensions tailored to you?
Feel free to contact us with your desired sizes and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Like all panels within our range, we strongly urge customers to use stainless steel fixings to avoid chemical reactions, bleeds, and unsightly staining of your fence panels.

All ready-made fence panel sizes are approximated – this can include width, height and gap size. Should you have any questions regarding our natural, hand-crafted products please contact us directly 0161 764 5362.