Cambia Wood Fence Panels

Starting From £135.00 Inc. VAT

Starting From £135.00 Inc. VAT

Modular Cambia Wood Fence Panels

  • Made using the highest quality Tulip Wood
  • Available in 1800mm & 2100mm width options
  • 44mm slats with 6mm & 12mm gap size options
  • Bespoke widths, heights and gap size are available to order.

The panels (900mm in height upwards) will arrive in easy to handle modular sections allowing all customers to simply mount one panel on top of another to reach the desired height.

Please Note: the darker panel images have been treated with our UV protection oils.


Slatted Cambia Wood Panels

Our Cambia Wood fence panels provide customers with a warm, earthy coloured panel that is unlike anything currently on the market today! As with most of the timbers within our collection, Cambia Wood is an ideal timber to use within all building projects due to the durable and stylish qualities.

The Panels are simple to install with no special tools required; the panels arrive in modular sections and are extremely easy to handle and install. Simply slot one panel on top of the other until you reach the desired height.

Please Note: We recommend using stainless steel fixings with the Cambia Wood Fencing Panels, this will safeguard against chemical reactions with the natural oils within the timber that can result in unsightly staining if using standard screws/fixings.

What is a Modular fence panel?

Modular panels are simply smaller sections that build one on top of the other to gain the finished height, for example the 1800mm high panel comes as three smaller sections, these simply stack one on top of the other to gain the finished height of 1800mm, see our gallery pictures of our panels all these pictures are made from our modular panels.

Why choose our modular fence panels?

Coming from a background of fitting fencing for a number of years, we wanted to build a panel that was easy to install regardless of your experience, with this in mind we have designed our panels in modular sections. Modular panels are easy to handle, one person can easily install this type of fencing, although it does make things quicker with another pair of hands.

Modular panels are easier to transport, this keeps the delivery cost as low as possible and makes damage less of a risk.  Being in sections means, if any adjustments are needed to fit your area, these are also much easier than struggling with one large and heavy fence panel.

The rich earthy brown colouring make a great backdrop for planting and offer more than just a boundary line, the panels become a feature of the garden or area they are being used in.

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