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Textrol Hes Single Layer Protection

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Textrol Hes Single Layer Wood Protection

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Textrol HES - Single Layer wood protection

Textrol HES provides a single coat saturating oil finish that enhances the protection against UV rays. It also benefits from;

  • High solids content to protect the wood from UV rays
  • A beautiful matt-sheen finish which enhances the natural beauty of the wood
  • Easy to apply with a single coat
  • Non-film-forming so won’t peel or flake
  • Suitable for use on softwoods and European hardwoods

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Textrol HES Single Layer Wood Protection

Our single layer wood protection is a powerful, penetrating protective treatment for exterior wood such as fence panels, gates and associated wooden furniture.

It has been designed to provide comprehensive protection from the weather and UV radiation in a single coat. It is available in a choice of shades ideal for lighter and darker wood tones, including clear, with a matt-sheen oil finish.

Textrol HES has a luxurious matt-sheen finish which enhances the grain and natural beauty of the wood. As it is penetrative and its place is not on the surface it will not peel or flake as it doesn’t form a film.

Why use Textrol HES?

This product is perfect if you’re short on time as it only needs a single coat! The required maintenance is minimal with likely maintenance coats only required once in every couple of years or longer making it a sound investment for the future.

Ideal Uses for Owatrol’s Textrol HES

  • Protecting your deck simply and efficiently
  • Suitable for softwoods and European hardwoods
  • Retaining the natural beauty of wood cladding
  • Enhancing the look of garden furniture
  • Protecting a large quantity of fencing with minimal time investment
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