Treatex Cedar Oil

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  • Easy Application
  • No Flaking or Peeling
  • Impressive UV Resistance
  • Highly Water-Resistant
  • No Biocides Or Toxic Ingredients

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Treatex Cedar Oil Protection

Our Treatex Cedar Oil has a high resistance to UV rays keeping your cedar or timber fence panels, cladding, or screens looking as new for years to come! The oil has been designed to penetrate deep into your timber surface attaching to the timber capillaries providing impressive protection against the typically harsh British weather.

The cedar protection oil has been manufactured on a foundation of natural and sustainable raw material including;

    • Sunflower oil

Safflower Oil

Soybean Oil

The Treatex Cedar Oil is ideal for use on most timbers, especially cedar and larch.

Should you have any questions regarding our wood protection oils please contact us directly on 0161 764 5362.

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