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How To Add Value To Your Garden

Post on 25th May 2019

It may not be possible to predict exactly how much your home may be worth over the next few years, but there are some improvements you can make that are sure to add value to your home. However, while youre considering extensions, loft conversions, and what serene colour to paint your new well-being room in order to attract potential buyers, you may have overlooked a huge aspect of your home&the garden!

So, weve created this list of how to add value to your garden and create a fantastic first impression!

Keep Up the Kerb Appeal

Perhaps the easiest way to add value to your garden is to carry out those pesky maintenance jobs you may have been holding off and to ensure your garden demonstrates potential to viewers. If youre working with a budget, ensuring your home has a relatively tidy appearance is vital, as it may not necessarily add apparent value to your home, but a poorly kept garden can certainly detract.

So, you may want to ensure your grass is cut and maintained, there are no weeds in your path and flower beds, youve pressure washed the patio and old and dated fence panels are replaced with something that truly stands out.

Our range of slatted screen fence panels does just that as can be seen by our collection.

Create Different Zones

If youre really looking to add value to your garden and create the wow factor for potential buyers, then you should consider creating different zones such as a social area, vegetable patch or childrens play area. Each zone should have a different use.  This can be especially appealing for viewers with families as it demonstrates the practicality of the garden.

Establish a Key Selling Point

Establishing a key selling point can often be a sure way to add value to your garden. This can be anything from a hot tub to a pond or a summerhouse, although you should keep in mind that not all viewers may share your taste.

Essentially though, anything that adds extra space is likely to add value. So, it may be wise to consider an out-building if your garden is vast enough. They usually work out a lot cheaper than an extension, and most dont require planning permission, but its always wise to check before building a summerhouse, workshop or gym.

Add Some Storage Space

The simple shed can also add value to your garden. Store furniture, bikes, and toys or use the space as a D.I.Y workshop and demonstrate how practical your garden can be.

Paint the Fences

When selling your home, a cheap and efficient way to freshen up the garden is by painting or staining your shed and fences. Ensuring your garden looks in good shape can add value to your home and attract potential buyers by leaving an appealing impression.

If your fence is beyond the repair of a lick of paint, take a look at our affordable and stylish range of cedar fence panels. Nice and quick to install, our panels are designed to slot together easily.

For the ultimate low maintenance, our fences even look fantastically faded and when left untreated boast a stylish grey colour and a life span of 20 to 30 years. For a 40-year life-span, and to maintain the red and brown cedar colour, simply stain the panels and keep your garden looking as presentable as possible.

Invest in a Patio or Decking Area

Another way to add value to your garden is to capture the potential buyers imagination with an attractive patio or decking area. Creating a sociable outdoor area can conjure up visions of entertaining and dining on a summers evening and help the viewer imagine themselves living at your property.?Low maintenance composite decking?provides a stylish and durable option, one that is almost certain to add value!

Buy some Stylish Garden Furniture

Similarly, buying and installing some stylish garden furniture will also make the garden feel more liveable. You may also consider putting up some outdoor lights so viewers can see themselves relaxing long into the night. Simple garden furniture such as benches and tables will show that the garden is a loved and often used space ideal for entertaining friends and family. Why not consider something truly unique in the form of our?slatted garden benches.?

Make Sure the Garden is Secure & Private

Security should be of great importance, especially when trying to appeal to viewers with pets and young children. Ensure that your garden is suitable and invest in fencing, walls or a new side or front gate if necessary. This is likely to be an even more crucial factor if your property is near a busy, main road.

If surrounding homes overlook your garden, you may also consider creating a more private area to help viewers feel relaxed and imagine themselves spending time in the garden.

Embrace Seasonal Colour

During the spring and summer months, your garden should look at its blooming best. For viewers to witness its full potential of your propertys outdoors, and to increase the chance of a high offer, you need to make the most of the seasons.

For minimum effort and maximum effect, use seasonal plants and fill pots with evergreens and colourful flowers.

Ensure Your Garden is Low Maintenance

Above all, ensure your garden is low maintenance to avoid viewers being overwhelmed by the level of work required. As mentioned, it can often come down to personal taste so prioritise tidiness, avoid overspending and make the most of your stunning outdoor space!

Whether youre planning to move homes and want to add value to your garden, or youd like to benefit from your own contemporary garden contact the experts at Slatted Screen Fencing for a creative garden design and a stylish look on 01617645362.