Pressure Treated Fence Slats

Pressure-Treated Narrow Fence Slat

Starting From £2.85 Inc. VAT

Our Pressure-Treated pine fence slats offer the same great modern and contemporary look as other timber battens within our range, but at a much lower cost.

  • 44mm x 17mm slats
  • Wide range of lengths ranging from 1800mm up to 4800m
  • Planed on all four sides with eased corners
  • Affordable
  • Can be stained or oiled

Pressure-Treated Wide Fence Slat

Starting From £6.60 Inc. VAT

Our wide Pressure-Treated pine fence slats are planed on all sides, with slightly eased corners for a contemporary look.

  • 94mm x 17mm slats
  • Available in 2100mm & 2400mm lengths
  • Planed on all Sides with eased corners
  • Affordable with premium finish

Pressure Treated Planed Fence Slats

Our stunning collection of pressure-treated slats gives customers a stylish, durable, and affordable way to create a contemporary range of fence panels, gates, furniture, and more!
We have a wide range of batten styles and lengths available, allowing customers to create something unique and perfectly tailored to suit any property.

As with all timbers within our range, our pressure-treated options are of the highest quality and have only been sourced from FSC and PEFC-certified forests.

Whether you want to produce a stunning section of slatted fence panels, build a unique pergola or create a modern furniture set, our pressure-treated slats have you covered!

Pressure Treated Slat FAQs

Why Choose Our Pressure Treated Battens?

The FSC and PEFC certifications ensure that all timbers are only obtained from sustainable sources, something which is very important to our company.

A sound investment – Given the high quality of the timber, our pressure treated range will easily last between 12-15 years if left untreated. If treated with our timber protection oils, then customers can expect a lifespan of up to 20 years plus.

Pressure treated timber is a low maintenance product! The timber can be left to age naturally over time and still look amazing after years have passed.

The timber is naturally resistant to insect damage, rotting, warping and decay.

Pressure treated timber is renowned for the stylish, durable and affordable qualities.

What is Pressure Treated Timber?

The pressure treated process ensures that all proactive chemical preservatives are forced out of the wood. This ensures that the timber is completely dried out. The timber is then flooded with the protective preservatives to fill the voids left by the air being extracted.

This guarantees that the preservatives are deeply infused into the wood, as opposed to a coating which erodes away with prolonged exposure outside. Once dry, the wood is given a topcoat too for additional protection and an even tone for aesthetic purposes. For more information on the pressure treated process, please view our article  Know your wood: Pressure Treated Timber.

Please note: Our pressure treated slats are available for delivery UK wide on all lengths up to 2.4m. Our longer lengths are of 3.6m, 4.2m and 4.8m are pick up only.

If you have any equations about our pressure treated fence slats, wish to discuss delivery/collection only products, or would like a quote then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our knowledgeable team on : 0161 764 5362.

What fixings are best used with Pressure Treated Timber?

We always recommend using stainless steel fixings such as screws and nails. Stainless steel will not react with the wood, cause any unsightly staining, or contribute towards any chemical reactions.

Can Pressure Treated Slats be Painted?

Yes. There are many protective oils, stains, and paints available on the market allowing you to tailor your slats to suit your vision. We have a range of protective treatments and staining options available on our wood protection page.

Are Pressure Treated Fence Slates Planed?

Yes, our treated slats are planed on all four sides. The eased corners created result in a stylish, contemporary, and premium finish.

What is the difference between dip treated and pressure treated?

Dipped timber products are dipped in a tank filled with a preservative or stain. The timber is then left to soak prior to being left to dry.

Pressure treatment is where the proactive chemicals are forced out of the timber and dried out. The timber is then flooded with the protective preservatives which fill any voids left by the air being extracted.