Larch Fence Panels

Larch Slatted Fence Panel

Starting From £110.00 Inc. VAT

With clean lines and stunning grain allowing light to pass through, our panels offer a modern and contemporary feel to any garden, courtyard, or roof terrace.

  • High-Quality Siberian Larch
  • 44mm Slats
  • 1800mm or 2000mm Widths
  • Custom Options Available

Larch Solid Fence Panel

Starting From £135.00 Inc. VAT

Our solid larch panels are ideal for use in all UK homes due to the stylish and durable qualities of the timber.

Our solid larch fence panels are available in any size and come in modular sections, providing a beautifully modern feature for any property. The panels are made using our interlocking profile boards as this gives the appearance of a standard slatted panel, yet there is no visible gap, providing an increased level of privacy.

  • High-Quality A Grade Siberian Larch
  • 94mm Interlocking Board
  • Increased Privacy
  • Custom/bespoke Options Available

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Siberian Larch Fence Panels

Renowned as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and toughest timbers on earth, Siberian Larch is coveted worldwide for its beauty, durability, and versatility. Resilient, sustainable, and naturally stunning, larch fence panels make a beautiful addition to any outdoor environment.


What is larch?

Siberian Larch is a slow-growing softwood, favoured for its density and stunning aesthetic. Featuring a rich, warm finish flecked with a golden grain that fades to lustrous, silvery grey over time, larch fence panels lend a deliciously smooth, rustic yet refined feel.

The versatility of larch fencing makes it the perfect choice for both contemporary and classic landscape designs. Siberian Larch slatted screen panels also offer an affordable option compared with the cedar alternative, whilst providing the same great quality and an unrivalled long lifespan.

Why larch fence panels?

Larch fence panels have a variety of practical benefits besides their beauty, making them the perfect choice for a variety of applications.


The unique structure and density of larch provides immunity against warping, bending and damage for years, preventing moisture from penetrating the wood even when exposed to the increasingly unpredictable elements here in the UK.


Siberian larch grows at five times the rate at which it is harvested and for every tree felled, five more are planted in its place. The longevity of larch fencing coupled with the lack of chemicals needed to manufacture and treat it before building offer a variety of environmental benefits, making larch one of the most sustainable options on the market.

Naturally pest-resistant

Rich resins in larch contain antiseptic compounds that naturally repel destructive bugs and pests notorious for infesting other types of timber. Active throughout its lifetime, these resins act as an in-built protectant with no need for treatment or coating.


The density and resin content within larch fence panels provide in-built protection against the elements, with high resistance to decay and rot. Larch is well-known as one of most durable and toughest softwoods available.


Larch fencing requires little to no maintenance over its lifetime, if you prefer it to age naturally. There are staining and treatments available that can enhance the colours/increase lifespan although it can be left untreated and still maintain a beautiful finish for many years.

Treatment options, such as our UV protection oil, will help keep its beautiful natural colour, or can weather naturally over time to a silvery grey colour.
If you prefer to retain the warm, golden-brown hues of freshly cut larch, you can restore this with infrequent treatments.


Larch is famously durable with a lifespan of over 20 years +. With no need to replace or maintain, larch fencing provides excellent value for money over its lifetime.

Larch fence panels from Slatted Screen Fencing

As larch fencing specialists, were dedicated to offering artisanal, bespoke-built, and readymade options, with each panel meticulously refined by hand for a premium finish.

We carefully select our timber and handcraft each detail in-house for a beautifully refined product tailored to your unique requirements.

Our sustainability policy ensures we go the extra mile when sourcing our timber – our larch timbers are sourced from some of the most carefully managed forests on the planet.

Available in a range of different widths and heights to suit most areas, our range of modular slatted panels will transform any garden, courtyard, or roof terrace, offering a stunning backdrop to planting and foliage, providing privacy and defining boundaries whilst allowing natural light to filter into the area.

With clean lines and stunning grain, Siberian Larch Slatted Fence Panels provide a popular alternative to typical solid fencing.

Whether youve made your choice or need expert support to achieve your desired aesthetic, speak to our team today. Got a bespoke build in mind, or need dimensions tailored to you?
Feel free to contact us with your desired sizes and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Like all panels within our range, we strongly urge customers to use stainless steel fixings to avoid chemical reactions, bleeds, and unsightly staining of the larch fencing.

All ready-made fence panel sizes are approximated – this can include width, height, and gap size. Should you have any questions regarding our Siberian Larch products please contact us directly 0161 764 5362.