Timber Cladding

Tulipwood Cladding

Our Tulipwood Cladding boards provide a stylish, durable, and affordable solution for use on all domestic, commercial and low-rise cladding projects.

Starting from £17.5 inc. VAT

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Cedar Cladding

Our range of Cedar Cladding boards is made of the highest quality Canadian Red Cedar. These boards are ideal for all domestic and commerical modern projects.

Starting from £16.5 inc. VAT

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Larch Cladding

Our range of Siberian Larch Cladding offer a high-quality cladding board but with a more affordable price tag compared to our Cedar boards.

Starting from £12.5 inc. VAT

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Pressure Treated Cladding

We stock a narrow interlocking pressure treated slat which gives a beautiful modern style with 5mm shadow line gaps, but the complete privacy of a solid panel.

Starting from £9 inc. VAT

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Timeless style with timber cladding from Slatted Screen Fencing

Used extensively as a building material for thousands of years, timber cladding has made a comeback in recent times, coveted for its aesthetic charm and structural advantages by architects, landscape designers and homeowners alike.

Timber cladding is an excellent building resource as it can completely transform any existing or new structure providing a contemporary yet organic look and feel.

Different timbers in varying lengths and sizes are available to enable you to concentrate on designing your perfect creation.

Typical applications for cladding include exteriors for homes, commercial buildings and educational facilities, roof and wall tiles (re-word) and decorative usage for home studios and sheds, summerhouses and treehouses.

Benefits of timber cladding

Our cladding boards are often favoured for their appearance  but it offers substance as well as style. Benefits of the cladding include:

Natural beauty

Theres nothing like natural timber if you want to achieve an organic, back-to-nature feel.? Our timbers offer a versatile and stunning appearance that other materials cant replicate. Natural variations in the grain and texture enhance its natural charm, transforming any building project instantaneously.


Cladding can be used extensively and lends itself to many different external applications. The cladding can be modified to suit your specific requirements with a number of paint and staining options available.

A range of profiles, finishes and sizes are also available.

Superior heat retention?

Timber options can also contribute toward heat and sound insulation, making it an ideal choice as a building material for domestic and commercial properties and home studio pods. In studies, timber has been shown to provide superior heat retention compared with concrete, steel and aluminium.


With careful positioning and minimal maintenance, timber cladding can last between 15 to 30 years or more, depending on the type of timber used and treatment. Our range features a wide variety of timber cladding designed to suit many different budgets, starting with pressure-treated cladding, which offers a minimum 10-15 year lifespan.


Naturally weather-resistant, our cladding boards effortlessly withstand wind, cold and rain. Timber grown in harsh environments offers natural protection against the elements and can be relied upon to retain its structure and style for longer, especially if treated regularly.

Everlasting style?

The cladding offers a unique quality that other building materials cant  whilst others fade and decay, our timbers age gracefully, resulting in a stylish silvery-grey aesthetic.

If you want to preserve the initial appearance of your cladding, a simple UV stain will prevent this process from taking place.

Good for the environment, good for you?

One of the most compelling benefits is its appearance alongside the practical benefits it gives  but did you know that timber has also been studied for its health benefits? From reducing stress to maximising productivity, theres a reason timber cladding is increasingly being favoured by architects working on educational and well-being projects worldwide.

Cladding Profiles from Slatted Screen Fencing

Why choose timber cladding from SSF?

As specialists in cladding, we pride ourselves on offering a premium quality product you can depend on and admire for many years to come (reword). All our products are sustainably sourced and handmade and finished here in the UK by our expert team of artisan craftsmen. (a tad over the top)

Please note: Our cladding boards are available for UK-wide delivery on all lengths up to 2.4m. Longer lengths are 3.6m, 4.2m, and 4.8m are pick up only.(not correct sizes refer to our website)

If you have any equations about our timber cladding or would like a tailored quote, please dont hesitate to contact our friendly, knowledgeable team on 0161 764 5362.

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Cladding Reviews

Our range of cladding is the best on the market and our customers feel the same way. Please see below what our amazing customers have to say about our range of cladding.


Excellent in all ways

Excellent in all ways. Good quality timber. Would definitely recommend this company without hesitation.


Absolutely spot on couldnt of received better service

Ben Cole

Excellent product and service levels
Great to deal with on the phone and even opened up out of hours for me to collect.

JM Woodall

Timber cladding FAQs

Which type of timber cladding should I choose?

The type of timber you choose depends on several factors, including the application, desired look, and budget. Youll find detailed descriptions of the timbers we offer on our product pages and profiles of each type of timber on the blog, but if you need tailored support, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

What sizes are available?

A wide variety of sizes are available to suit a range of applications. If you require bespoke dimensions, please get in touch, and well be happy to provide a quote for you.

How long will it last?

The longevity of timber cladding depends on the raw material it is made from. A Slatted Screen Fencing, we only use high quality, premium timbers, carefully selected for their long life and durability. Some types of timber cladding, such as Siberian Larch or Cedar, can have a lifespan of over 30 years, whilst others offer 15-20 years or more (this should match the website) . Youll find details of the expected lifespan for each type of timber when browsing product details.

Is your timber cladding eco-friendly?

Timber is a naturally sustainable and renewable resource sourced from properly managed forests. All our timber cladding is carefully selected from suppliers accredited by the FSC and PEFC and is never treated with toxic chemicals, ensuring an environmentally conscious finished product. (pressure treated is very much a toxic chemical!!)

Can your timber cladding be painted or stained?

Yes, various stains and paints can be added depending on your preference. Please get in touch for further information or advice on staining or painting your timber cladding.