3-Foot Slatted Fence Panels

Slatted Fence Panels 3ft

Our 3ft slatted fence panels come in several stylish and hard-wearing timbers, such as Canadian Cedar, Iroko, Cambia wood, and Tanalised.

We also stock a range of fence posts and framing allowing these panels to be attached to walls, pre-existing structures.

We also stock a wide range of wood treatment products that will allow customers to keep their 3ft panels looking like new for longer.

Why Choose Our 3ft Slatted Panel

Coupled with the slatted appearance, each of the timbers used to build our standard panels gives customers a truly modern way to line their boundaries.

These timbers also come with a range of natural benefits.

Our 3ft timber panels are hard-wearing and have impressive longevity, with our timber collections lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on the timber selected.

The timbers are naturally weatherproof and pest resistant, even when exposed to the elements.

All our timbers are sustainable and sourced from credible suppliers sporting the FSC and PEFC certifications.

Should you have any questions regarding our 3ft fence panels, please get in touch with our team today for more information on 0161 764 5362.