Cedar Cladding

Cedar Cladding Boards

Starting From £28.00 Inc. VAT

Our Cedar Cladding boards are ideal for all domestic, commercial and low-rise cladding projects due to the low-maintenance and hardwearing properties of the timber.

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • Premium quality finish
  • 10mm shadow line instead of a gap
  • Contemporary design
  • Available in 94mm or 144mm

Cedar Interlocking Board

Starting From £16.50 Inc. VAT

Cedar interlocking board, just like our smaller interlocking slat it offers complete privacy as no actual gap is seen between the finished profile, instead, you have the 5mm shadow line.? Perfect for those who want to use as cladding, for fence panels or gates.

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar.
  • Premium quality finish.
  • 5mm shadow line instead of a gap.
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically.

Cedar Cladding Boards

Our Cedar cladding boards provide a hugely popular design option for both domestic and commercial projects with many practical and aesthetic reasons well catered for. The stylish and durable qualities of our Cedar show why it is a is a favourite with architects, tradespeople, and other customers looking to create a contemporary and stylish feature.

As a product, Cedar cladding can be used in a wide range of projects, both internal and external for stylish home extensions, garden rooms, contemporary offices and more.

Natural Benefits of Canadian Cedar

Cedar is naturally durable and doesnt require any additional treatments, especially if you are a fan of the natural ageing process that results in a stunning silvery grey appearance.

Our Cedar options will easily last between 25-30 years if left untreated.

The natural benefits that contribute towards durability include an impressive resistance to insect damage, bacteria, wood rot and splitting. This is why customers choose cedar as a preferred timber you can rely on cedar to stay intact, even in difficult conditions.

Cedar is an ideal option for use on British construction projects thanks to qualities that remain unaffected by the climate. ?UV rays, moisture and temperature changes will not affect the average lifespan.

If you do choose to, you can treat your cedar which can add another 10 or 15 years to the life of your cladding. Using our range of timber treatments are all but guaranteed to keep your cedar looking as good as new for years to come.

Ethically Sourced Cedar

We make sure that all of the Canadian cedar we obtain for our cladding, fencing and associated furniture has been ethically and responsibly sourced. Our Cedar cladding is PEFC accredited. This means that all cedar within our portfolio has been sourced from sustainably managed forests and accredited so by an independent organisation.

Cedar Cladding Collection

We offer a range of cedar boards designed to suit any cladding project. These include standard tongue and groove cladding, rainscreen cladding, and interlocking cladding.

We have numerous sizes and lengths available. To find out more information on cedar please view our Know Your Wood: Cedar guide.

Should you have any questions not mentioned below or wish to speak directly with a member of our team please contact us today on 0161 764 5362.

Cedar Cladding FAQs

Why Choose Our Cedar Cladding Boards?

Cedar is a naturally attractive wood combining a warm mix of vibrant reddish and amber tones.

If left untreated, the ageing process of timber will evolve from reddish amber tones into a stunning silvery-grey aesthetic, something that architects specifically opt for on commercial projects.

This premium cladding will give any of your structures a desirable contemporary and modern finish.

Is Cedar Good For Cladding?

Canadian Cedar is an ideal material to use for cladding, especially within the UK due to natural resistance to weathering, bacteria, insect damage, and more.

Cedar is a favourite with architects and landscapers due to the warm amber tones, low density and impressive durability.

The timber will last at least 25  30 years if untreated or, with proper maintenance, will easily last 40 years plus.

How Long Does Cedar Cladding Last?

On average Canadian cedar boards will last between 25-30 years easily if untreated and 35  40 years plus if treated with exterior or UV oils.

Canadian western red cedar is considered the highest quality of all species making this an sound investment.

Does Cedar Cladding Require Maintenance?

Cedar has a natural resistance to a range of issues caused by bacteria, insects and harsh weather conditions. Due to this, most cedar products have an impressive lifespan of 25 to 30 years. This means that little to no maintenance is required.

Untreated timber will change colour over time resulting in a silvery grey appearance. Treated timber will keep the colour for longer due to the UV protection found in the protective oils.

How Do I Fix Cedar Cladding?

fix your cedar cladding using only stainless-steel fixings.

Stainless steel fixings will not react or cause any staining on your cedar cladding. Fixing made from other materials risk damaging the cladding and affecting the stylish look theyre intended to create.

How To Fit Cedar Cladding?

There are several ways to fit your cladding depending on the task at hand. To be safe, we always recommend speaking to your local installer to ensure that you get the best advice on fitting cedar cladding.

How to Treat Cedar Cladding?

There are a wide range of wood protection oils that will help keep your cedar looking as good as new for years to come. Simply apply the oils using a brush and leave to dry. These oils will help protect against ageing, UV rays and water damage.

Our range of wood protection will protect against the above helping to keep the reddish and amber tones.

If you are looking to achieve the silvery-grey weathered tone then it isnt actually necessary to treat your cedar cladding as the natural resistance to insect damage, bacteria and wood rot have you covered.

Should you have any questions regarding our cedar channel cladding or need help with your project, please contact one of our team today on 0161 764 5362.