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  1. Know Your Wood Larch

    Know Your Wood Larch

    Know Your Wood Pt 2 gives a great insight into the benefits of our range of Siberian Larch fence panels, slats and associated furniture. The stylish and durable qualities of this timber have become increasingly popular over the last decade.

    Find out more here.

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  2. Know Your Wood Cedar

    Know Your Wood Cedar

    If you are looking at the various materials available to you to use for your garden fencing or projects, there are a few types of wood whose popularity have confidently stood the test of time.

    Allow us to introduce one of our favourite choices for garden fence panels - Cedar.

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  3. Creating A Contemporary Garden

    Creating A Contemporary Garden

    Creating a unique, contemporary aesthetic in your home has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Our latest article shows how you can create your own contemporary garden with minimum hassle.

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  4. Installation Videos

    Installation Videos

    Our slatted screen fence panels, solid panels and individual fence slats are incredibly easy to install as demonstrated within these helpful installation videos. The modular sections have been designed...

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  5. Red Cedar Pergola

    Red Cedar Pergola

    We have created a wide range of bespoke items and furniture over the years for customers looking to create a truly unique addition to their home. Over the years we have created garden planters, fence panels...

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  6. January Creative Designs

    January Creative Designs

    Our latest post show some of the latest contemporary ideas perfect for 2019.

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  7. Contemporary Garden Designs

    Contemporary Garden Designs

    Our team at Slatted Screen Fencing have been in touch with a few of our clients with a view to seeing how our fence panels, gates and fence slats have been used in both domestic and commercial renovation...

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