Larch Framing Timber

Starting From £9.50 Inc. VAT

Starting From £9.50 Inc. VAT

This product is no longer available.

Unfortunately, due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the imposed sanctions on Russia, our Siberian Larch products are no longer available.


Although it’s possible to stock a European Larch, the quality doesn’t provide an excellent alternative for our customers. Therefore we have decided to stock North American Douglas Fir as our Larch replacement timber.

Douglas Fir shares many similar qualities to Siberian Larch, such as the light sandy tones, fantastic durability and 20-year plus life span.

Please see our larch replacement framing timber below.

Siberian Larch Framing Timber

Our Siberian Larch framing timber can be used to add a stylish finish to all of the fence panels, gates and screens within our portfolio. This will help keep your products looking fresh for years to come thanks to the style and durability of Siberian Larch.

Why choose our Framing Timber?

Our larch framing timber is available in a number of lengths and profiles.

Larch also has a natural resistance to bacteria, insect damage and dry rot, providing all customers with a safe and sound investment.

Please note: We advise that customers only use stainless steel fixings on our timbers as this will help safeguard against potential reactions within the timber causing staining and unsightly damage.

Should you have any questions regarding our Larch Framing Timber please contact us today on 0161 764 5362 or 07884 184 842 to speak directly with a member of the team.

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