Fence Slats

Our Douglas Fir slats originate from North America.

Our 44mm Douglas Fir Slats provide customers with a stylish and hard-wearing slat that can be used on a wide range of applications.

  • High-Quality North American Douglas Fir.
  • 6ft, 7ft, and 12ft Lengths Available.
  • Alternative to Siberian Larch.
  • Sustainable – PEFC Certified
  • 30 Year Lifespan.

Our premium range of Western Red Cedar Fence Slats are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for creating a modern range of fence panels, screens, garden furniture and more. The Canadian red cedar slats come in planed lengths of 6ft, 7ft, 8ft & 9ft Lengths with narrow, wide and interlocking options also available.

  • Premium Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • Planed slats
  • 6ft, 7ft, 8ft & 9ft Lengths
  • Sustainable
  • Long lifespan
Our Alaskan Yellow Cedar slats are available in 6ft and 12ft lengths.

Our 44mm Alaskan Yellow Cedar Slats provide customers with a high-quality batten ideal for use on a wide range of external renovation projects.

  • High-Quality Alaskan Yellow Cedar.
  • 6ft and 12ft Lengths Available.
  • Premium finish with slightly rounded corners.
  • Sustainable
  • 25 to 30 Year Lifespan.
The Cambia Wood slats are ideal for use on both internal and external building projects.

Our Tulip Wood Fence slats are planed on all 4 sides with eased/slightly rounded corners. This provides a much more premium look when compared to a square finish.

Our slats are 44mm x 17mm so slightly wider than the 38mm most other companies advertise, so you would need less of them when using similar spacing.

  • Tulip Wood – Thermally Modified (AKA Cambia Wood).
  • Slightly wider slat 44mm x 17mm.
  • Premium finish with slightly rounded corners.
  • Stunning brown earthy tones.
The Iroko fence slats allow customers to create a rich and vibrant fence panel.

Our Iroko slats are available in two size options; 44mm and 94mm. Both slats are planed on all sides and come with with slightly rounded corners.

  • High quality hardwood.
  • Available in 44mm and 94mm options.
  • Premium finish with slightly rounded corners.
  • Stunning rich brown tones.

Our range of Larch Fence Slats offers customers the chance to create a stylishly modern feature or boundary within a property. The larch slats are available in a range of sizes which are perfect for those customers looking to create something totally unique.

Whether you are looking to build a tailored fence panel, gate, log-bin or piece of garden furniture, our larch slats are perfect for you!

  • High-Quality Siberian Larch
  • 2100mm Widths Available
  • Narrow, Wide & Interlocking Options
  • Clean Lines & Stunning Grain
  • Long lifespan

Our collection of pressure treated fence slats gives customers the opportunity to create a bespoke feature in any property. The tanalised slats are often used to create bespoke fence panels, gates, benches, tables and more.

The treated slats are as durable as they are stylish and naturally protect against rotting, insect damage and more.

  • 2.1m & 2.4m Widths Available
  • Narrow, Wide & Interlocking Options
  • 44mm X 17mm Slats
  • Sustainable
  • Long Lifespan

Individual Fence Slats & Battens

Our collection of Fence Slats is perfect for customers looking to create their very own range of fence panels, gates, screens, furniture, and more!

We have a huge range of styles, lengths, and timber options available meaning that all building projects are catered for. From unique fence panels to slatted garden benches, our range of fence battens have you covered.

The fence slats are available in a range of timbers including; Canadian Cedar, Siberian Larch and Pressure Treated.

Fence Slats FAQ’s

Why Choose Our Fence Slats?

The Cedar, Larch and Pressure Treated timber slats are of the highest-quality and come with little to no imperfections or too many knots.

As to be expected, each of the fence slats within our range have been ethically sourced from forests that carry the FSC or PEFC certifications. This will ensure that forests are protected for generations.

All the fence slats are low maintenance and provide a sound investment, even if left untreated.

On average each timber carries an impressive lifespan with Cedar offering between 25 – 30 years, Siberian Larch 20 years + and Pressure-treated from 10 – 12 years.

The lifespan of these timbers can easily be significantly increased if maintained or treated with our wood protection oils and stains. Should you have any questions regarding our timber treatments please contact us directly.

All of the fence slats are impressively durable due to the natural resistance against rotting, warping and insect damage.

For more information on the timbers, we use for our fence slats please view the below guides; Know your wood: Cedar, Know your wood: Larch and Know your wood: Pressure-treated.

How Many Fence Slats Will I need to Make a Fence Panel?

If we base this off a typical 1800mm x 1800mm panel and using a 12mm gap, you would require 32 slats to make a standard sized panel. Additional slats can be used to enhance the such as a capping strip that sits at the top of the panel.

How Do I Install Fence Slats?

The fence slats are usually nailed or screwed directly to your post or timber. Most people tend to use two nails or screws to give a secure fixing.

We also recommend that customers only use stainless steel fixings as this will ensure that the timber does not suffer from any chemical reactions, staining or unsightly damage.

How Do I Space Fence Slats?

Spacing your fence slats are a simple and easy process, especially when using our slat spacers. The slat spacers that we sell are available in 6mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Should you have any questions regarding our range of fence slats or their intended use, please contact us today where we will be happy to assist you.