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Know Your Wood Larch

Post on 25th November 2019

Know Your Wood Part 2 – Siberian Larch

Its always interesting to see which products are available from companies, but you dont always know the background on why those companies chose the products they offer. Our two main product ranges use Red Cedar and Siberian Larch. We didnt just throw some darts at a list of timbers to decide on which types of wood wed like to offer. They had to work pretty hard to meet our needs – were a selective bunch here at Slatted Screen Fencing you know&

We shared the many benefits of Red Cedar with you in our Know Your Wood Cedar article – it really is a beautiful wood to work with as you can see from some of our projects in our gallery. Its not difficult to see how this stunner won our hearts.

Here well share some of the reasons why we choose Larch as our other main product too. Both woods have strengths in their own way but by the time youve read both articles, youll know why they stood out so much as our perfect choice of timbers&

Siberian Larch Is Super Strong

Despite being classed as a softwood, Siberian Larch trees are very slow growing in comparison to other timbers. This slow growth makes the timber really dense as it takes around 15 years for a Siberian Larch to grow to maturity. If you think that the average Siberian Larch averages 20-40 metres high with an average diameter of 1 metre, thats a lot of strength going into its timber over that period – at a rate of 1-2 metres a year.

If you watch some plants grow they shoot up, but not these beauties – slow and steady which consistently produces dense and beautiful timber. This makes it one of the most durable woods feasibly available to you which is why our collection of Larch fence panels are proving so popular.

Siberian Larch Naturally Resists Warping

Timber tends to warp or bend because of changes in moisture levels within the wood. As the moisture increases when exposed to the elements, the wood contracts or expands causing warping. The timber in Siberian Larch is so much denser, it offers much more natural protection by making it more difficult for moisture to penetrate the wood than with other types. Just as an example, untreated Siberian Larch has a wood density of 41lbs/ft3, but treated pine still only offers 35llbs/ft3 so your Siberian Larch offers more natural resistance to the elements around it.

Siberian Larch Has Natural Resistance To Rot And Decay

We mentioned how long it takes for the Siberian Larch to grow – this slow growth also gives the tree plenty of time to really pack itself full of the resins it naturally produces. Combining these extracts with the density of the wood, this powerful combo creates a high resistance to decay and rot, making it more difficult for decaying organisms to penetrate the wood. With a lifespan of over 20+ years, Siberian Larch is known to be one of the most durable and toughest softwoods available with that natural strength and resilience as part of its structure.

Siberian Larch Naturally Repels Insects

The last thing you want is to take your time choosing the perfect timber for your fence or decking, only to have insects endorsing your choice too. Some wood types make the perfect home for our native bugs but luckily Siberian Larch isnt one of them. All of those resins that its jam-packed with, have antiseptic properties and naturally repel bugs and pests which we usually have to look out for. The added beauty of this is that the resins are part of the wood which make all of it a very unappealing home, rather than just a repellant coating that could wear off or be penetrated.

Siberian Larch Is Highly Sustainable

In such an environmentally conscious world now, we are all far more mindful of the impact of our buying decisions. You can relax here though, as the natural growth rate of Siberian Larch means it grows at more than five times the rate at which it is being harvested. As one example of how Siberian Larch is produced, the Russian Boreal Forest spans 2.7 billion acres – far larger than the Amazon Forest at 800 million acres – and the Larch growing here accounts for nearly 38% of that. Knowing that for every tree felled, the equivalent of five more are planted in its place, gives us and our customers peace of mind over the sustainability of choosing Siberian Larch.

Siberian Larch Is Great Value For Money

We mentioned in our Know Your Wood – Cedar article that Red Cedar is great value for money, but this is where Siberian Larch just pips the Cedar to the post (no pun intended!). Siberian Larch possesses very similar qualities to those of Red Cedar in that the natural levels of resins limit how much maintenance is needed to keep them protected. But the slightly longer lifespan, combined with how abundantly available Siberian Larch is, both mean the price of Larch offers a slightly higher return on your investment. Whichever you opt for though, you can certainly be sure of the longevity of these hardy timbers!

Last But Not Least& Siberian Larch Stays Stunning

The beauty of Siberian Larch definitely isnt hidden – its a stunning wood from the start with plenty of character. The density of the wood as well as the volume of resins create a really interesting wood with plenty of grain and texture without weakening the wood. Similar to the Red Cedar, this wood also ages beautifully changing from its initial golden warmth through to silvery grey tones which it is regularly sought out for.

If youd prefer to keep the warmer hues, you can apply a UV protection to reduce the fading effects of the sun so speak to our team for more information on this.

Hopefully, these two articles will show you just why we specifically selected Red Cedar and Siberian Larch for our product range. The consistency of the woods straight lines, their strength and durability, and their natural presence of enhancing resins position them as two of the best types of timber for your fencing and garden needs that you could possibly get.

Add to these facts that they are stunning to look at and enhance the natural beauty of any garden project too – the bigger question is why wouldnt we choose them?

They are the perfect accompaniment to any contemporary garden projects with long lasting effects

If youd like to know more about any of our fencing panels, gates or garden products, or how our team can help you create your perfect garden get in touch here where we will be happy to help.