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Know Your Wood Cedar

Post on 25th October 2019

If you are looking at the various materials available to you to use for your garden fencing or projects, there are a few types of wood whose popularity have confidently stood the test of time.

Allow us to introduce one of our favourite choices for garden fence panels – Cedar.

Whilst it has seemed to have become more popular over the last decade or two here in Europe, Cedar actually has a history going back as far as 8000 years. Excavated Cedar relics have been unearthed absolutely intact, due to the high levels of natural oils which preserve the wood so well.

Obviously, youre not going to be burying your garden fence of course, but its all testimony to just how well the natural qualities of this highly coveted wood do their job of protecting it.

You will want to know that your choice of wood is going to align perfectly with the needs you have for it in terms of your fencing, so here are ten reasons why Cedar is such a perfect fit for the job…

Red Cedar Wood Is Naturally Stunning

The beauty of Red Cedar Wood is that it starts off looking truly beautiful from the outset with no need for staining to provide a modern look for your garden. It isnt just about those first impressions though – Cedar also fades gracefully with time, to a gorgeous silvery grey which architects and designers very deliberately seek out. 

The initial hues of orange, red, and pink make an instantly striking backdrop or periphery for any garden, which really catch the eye whilst being practical too. You can totally rely on Cedar to provide the transformation you were looking for – both at the start and as it ages, making a statement of quality regardless of its age.

Red Cedar Has Lasting Good Looks

When your garden fence is exposed to as many elements as we have here in the UK, you want to know that its going to stand the test of time whatever the weather. In comparison to a pressure-treated pine board fence for instance, a Cedar fence of around 10 years old will have a much nicer appearance.

This is largely due to those stunning good looks we mentioned in our first point – Cedar fades from the original red tones to varying shades of silvery greys. It maintains a strong impression of quality as it fades, without the maintenance youd have to invest in other types of wood.

Red Cedar Has A Long Lasting Strength

As a general rule you can expect a lifespan of around 30 years from your Cedar fence panels, maybe even 40 if well maintained or looked after well. As such, all of our Western Red Cedar fences are guaranteed for 20 years.

Red Cedar wood is such high quality in terms of looks and strength, that we are confident it will continue to do its job – day in, day out. It can cope with all of the elements which is one of the main reasons why we use it as one of the main choices for our fences. Being so naturally durable we know its not ever going to let you (or us!) down. 

Red Cedar Doesnt Warp

Red Cedar almost evolves as it goes. Not only does it age beautifully from red to silver, it will also change its moisture content to closely match its surrounding atmosphere. Low levels of moisture in fencing are often what cause the wood to crack or warp, particularly in our climate during our freeze and thaw cycles. Knowing that your fencing will retain its original shape without warping is peace of mind that the initial clean lines and structure of your fencing will remain intact.

Red Cedar Is Naturally Resistant To Rot And Decay

Red Cedar wood has high levels of oils and tannins which strengthen and fortify the wood making it naturally resistant to the many kinds of rot we see within our climate. The preserving qualities of the oils serve as a fantastic barrier and really enhance the life cycle and strength of the timber – without the vulnerability to rot or decay which our weather usually brings.

Red Cedar Is Naturally Resistant To Pests

The oils we have just mentioned in Cedar wood contain a special chemical compound called thujaplicins – these are what are responsible for the wonderful aroma the cedar fence gives off. But heres the secret – not only does the aroma appeal hugely to humans, but it also repels other pests, who may otherwise have happily bored into wood to make their homes. To the insects, the smell is so unattractive they will simply leave the fence alone really prolonging the life of the wood.

Red Cedar Is One Of The Most Naturally Sustainable Woods You Can Buy

As the Cedar trees can grow to up to 60 metres tall, they are one of the most sustainable timbers available today – far outstripping its partially synthetic counterparts. Not only is our Red Cedar sourced from some of the most sustainably-managed forests on the planet, but the process of producing our finished products is more environmentally friendly too. When manufacturing wood based products, there are far fewer toxins and greenhouse gases produced than with man made products. Its also renewable and biodegradable too. At Slatted Screen Fencing, all of our cedar has the PEFC certification and as a UK-based company, we are also a EUTR Responsible Purchaser. Need we say more?

Red Cedar Is Highly Versatile

We really cant hide our love for this timber! Where garden products and fencing are concerned, its up there with the best as its just so versatile. Whether its fencing or gates youre looking for – or maybe seating, planters or binstores – youll certainly not be disappointed. Using Cedar for any of these uses will stand the test of time as well as being able to withstand moisture areas such as hot tubs without warping.

Red Cedar Requires Little Or No Maintenance

As we have already covered, the natural oils present in Cedar are a key piece in protecting it so well. What this means to you is that Cedar does all the work for you. Youll be able to fully enjoy your Cedar fencing knowing that over the years it will require very little maintenance at all. In a world where everybody is so busy, thats one of the reasons Cedar is such a popular choice for everyones fencing and garden materials.

Red Cedar Provides Great Value

Many people assume that Red Cedar will be expensive, but buying cheaper timber such as the fast-growing yellow pine were more used to seeing, is just a false economy. Not only will you save money by not having to maintain Cedar like youll have to with pine or other wood choices, but it has a much longer lifespan than its inferior counterparts too. 

Whilst the popularity of Cedar means that it isnt the cheapest wood on the market, its durability and resistance to rot, pests and warping, significantly reduce the need to replace it. Comparing your savings over the years will show how Cedar really can provide the better value in the long term.

So there you have it – if that hasnt helped you to see just why we love Red Cedar so much, were not sure what will. There are so many advantages to using Red Cedar that its far more than just the stunning appearance – though admittedly, that factor alone would win any fencing competition!

If youd love to know more about the merits of our Red Cedar or need any advice for your fencing or gardening projects, get in touch here and any of our team will be happy to help you.