Corner Trims

Cedar Corner Trim

Starting From £38.00 Inc. VAT

The Cedar Corner Trim is ideal for use when looking to add the finishing touches of your fencing or cladding project.

  • High Quality Candian Cedar
  • Ideal For Finishing All Fencing, Gate & Furniture Projects
  • Naturally Resistant Against Bcteria & Insect Damage

Larch Corner Trim

Starting From £25.00 Inc. VAT

The Siberian Larch Corner Trims allow customers to add a stylish finishing touch to any slat, fencing or cladding project.

  • Highest Quality Siberian Larch
  • FSC & PEFC Certified
  • Ideal For Finishing All Fence Panels, Gates & Furniture

Thermowood Corner Trim

Starting From £20.00 Inc. VAT

The Thermowood corner trims are a great way to finish off your cladding or fencing project.

Our Thermowood Corner Trims are ideal for finishing your cladding and fencing projects with all meeting lines of the boards, slats or panels hidden to ensure clean lines.

  • 8ft/2.44m lengths
  • High-Quality Thermowood
  • PEFC Certified