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Arranging delivery is not a problem, however please see below for some of the information regarding this.

As we do not have our own delivery transport, we employ the services of external couriers to get your order from our workshop to your address.

As such it will be necessary to have someone available to assist the driver with the unloading and receipt of the order, the drivers will not be expected or able to move large, heavy items on their own and will not be able to place in certain parts of the garden, such as rear gardens, upper floors etc, once delivery is made to the kerbside, transfer of goods passes to the client.

Unfortunately orders cannot be delivered on specific days or at specific times and once your order is collected it is down to the courier on what day delivery will be, the couriers used are very helpful and will contact you directly to discuss expected delivery days etc.

Can I collect or arrange my own courier?

Yes, you are welcome to call to our workshop to collect your order or even arrange a courier to do so, however please advise us on what day and time you will be calling as we are not always at the workshop, we may be out on an installation or simply popped to the butty shop and would hate to have missed you.

Can you build a panel to a certain size?

Yes, even though we build a lot of regular size panels, most are built to bespoke sizes, so if you need you panels to a certain width or height, call or email and we will be happy to discuss the options and prices.

What is the expected lifespan of the panels or slats?

This can vary depending on the timber used, but this handy chart below will give you an idea of the expected lifespan of the different timbers we use, please note this is not a guarantee, just an suggested timescale.

Timber Durability Chart



Do I need to treat my panel to keep it from rotting?

The timber we use such as Cedar, Larch and Thermowood are either naturally resistant to decay or have been treated previously, so no, additional treatment is required, however is you wish to treat then this can only add to if lifespan.

Will my fencing turn grey in the sun?

All timber will eventually take on a grey look, this is down to the bleaching effect of the sun and water will play its part too, this greying is quite natural and can be left, but cedar for example is usually installed for its mix stunning colours, to keep this look simply treat with a UV stable coating, do this and that reddish brown will last, how often do I need to do this? This will depend on the product applied, "you get what you pay for" springs to mind.


Western red cedar questions

Can I pick out slats that are all the same city colour?

The simple answer is......No!
You would be surprised how many times I get asked this, unfortunately it would take us forever to build panels or sort slats into groups of similar colour and more to the point why would you want to, having the mix of colours, shades and grain is what gives cedar fencing it unique look.

If you require a slatted fence that is more uniform in colour, then have a look at our Thermowood or Siberian Larch panels.

Where is your cedar from?

Originally from Canada, but delivered to us by our importer in the UK.