Wood Treatment

Armourflex UV Protection Oil

Starting From £35.00 Inc. VAT

Armourflex UV protection oil is designed to prevent the greying effect of timbers, caused by UV rays.

Armourflex provides customers with a market-leading UV protection oil designed to nourish your timbers and keep the natural colours looking like new, for longer.

  • Premium blend with UV stabilising technology
  • Designed to protect against weathering and UV damage
  • Deeply nourishes and hydrates the exterior of your home
  • Slows greying and deterioration
  • Water repellent
  • No flaking or peeling

Timber End Cut Preserver

Starting From £21.00 Inc. VAT

Our timber cut end preserver is specially formulated for the treatment of vulnerably exposed end grain.

Our timber end cut preserver is ideal for use on all of our timber products. The deep penetration of the preserver will protect the timber against weather, bacteria and insect damage giving an impressive lifespan. This preserver comes in a 1-litre tin and is ideal for cladding and decking.

  • Protects the vulnerable and exposed end grain
  • Deep Penetration protects cuts and notches in cladding
  • Ideal for use on all fencing, slats, cladding and timber furniture

Barrettine Protective Timber Treatment

Starting From £20.00 Inc. VAT

We stock a range of protective treatments for all of the timbers within our range.

Our 2.5L protective timber treatment is a sealer for our collection of fence panels, gates, and slats. The clear colour makes it perfectly suited to the cedar, larch, cambia, and tanalised timbers.

  • Can be used on most external pretreated timbers
  • Contains film biocide preserver to prevent a surface growth of mould/algae
  • Harmless to plants and pets when dry
  • Superb quality water repellent resins
  • UV fade resistant colour pigments
  • High level, long lasting protection
  • Suitable for rough, sawn, and smooth timbers

Owatrol Solid Colour Stain

Starting From £54.00 Inc. VAT

Owatrol Solid Colour Stain is perfect for protection and finish and can be used on our range of fence panels, fence slats, cladding and bin stores.

  • Opaque matt-finish with 4 colours available
  • Long-lasting performance
  • 1 Litre Cans
  • Great for fence panels, bin stores, slats, cladding and decking.