Douglas Fir Storage

Douglas Fir Bin Stores

Starting From £850.00 Inc. VAT

The Douglas Fir bin stores come in several customisable options allowing customers to secure up to five wheelie bins in a stylish fashion. Key benefits include;

  • High-Quality Douglas Fir
  • Vertical and Horizontal Slat Options
  • House up to five 240l bins
  • Choice of Roofing Options
  • Custom Options Available
  • Sustainably Sourced

Timber Bike Sheds

Starting From £850.00 Inc. VAT

The timber bike sheds come with a wealth of customisable options allowing customers to secure up to four bicycles in a stylish and durable manner. Key benefits include;

  • High-Quality Cedar, Fir & Tanalised Options
  • Vertical and Horizontal Slat and Cladding Options
  • Security Bar and Locks Included
  • Custom Options Available

Our Douglas Fir range of storage products provides customers with a stylish, durable, practical solution for keeping their property clutter-free.

The available storage options cater to many common items around a property, such as wheelie bins, lawnmowers, garden furniture, bicycles, tools and more.

Each storage option boasts various slats, cladding boards, and optional extras, allowing you to create a truly elegant finish that complements our range of fence panels and gates.

Douglas Fir Bin Stores: Revolutionise how you store your bins with our stunning Douglas Fir bin stores. Crafted from premium Douglas Fir, these stores offer a chic and practical solution to keep your bins neatly hidden from view. With ample space to accommodate multiple bins, our bin stores maintain the cleanliness and organisation of your garden or driveway. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, our bin stores boast weather-resistant properties, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Douglas Fir Bike Sheds: Our high-quality Douglas Fir bike sheds protect your bicycles safely and stylishly. Crafted from top-notch Douglas Fir, these sheds provide a secure and aesthetically pleasing shelter for your bikes. Ideal for use on driveways, patios and gardens, our bike stores are designed to endure the elements, offering maximum protection for your beloved bicycles.
Douglas Fir Furniture Holds: Discover the perfect home for rattan furniture, cushions, garden tools, or children’s toys with our sleek and practical Douglas Fir furniture holds. Created to meet your storage needs, our furniture stores offer ample space enhancing the organisation and aesthetics of your outdoor space.
Douglas Fir Mower and Garden Equipment Storage: Keep your mowers and garden equipment safe and well-organised with our efficient Douglas Fir storage options. Trust in the reliability of our Douglas Fir products to safeguard your valuable equipment.

Douglas Fir Storage FAQs

Why choose Douglas Fir?

Douglas Fir is a popular timber known for its strength, durability, and natural beauty. Its resistance to rot, versatility, and affordability make it an excellent option for various applications, from furniture to construction projects. Its sustainability, insect resistance, and low maintenance needs make it an eco-friendly and practical choice.
With long-lasting properties and excellent value, Douglas Fir is preferred among artisans, builders, and environmentally conscious consumers.

Are Douglas Fir storage options easy to assemble?

Our Douglas Fir storage products are thoughtfully designed for easy assembly. We provide clear and concise instructions and all the necessary hardware, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward setup process. With just basic tools and minimal effort, your Douglas Fir product will be assembled and ready for use in no time.?

Is Douglas Fir a sustainable timber?

As a company, we only source timbers from sources carrying the FSC or PEFC accreditation.

Many Douglas Fir forests are managed under sustainable practices, where trees are selectively harvested, and new trees are planted to replace those cut-down. This process allows the forest to regenerate naturally and helps maintain the ecosystem’s overall health and productivity.

When purchasing Douglas Fir products, looking for certifications such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label or other reputable sustainability certifications is essential. These certifications verify that the wood has been sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that your choice supports sustainable practices and environmental conservation.