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High Quality Sustainable Timbers

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Bespoke Fence Panels

Our range of slatted fence panels provides customers with one of the most stylish and hard-wearing timber options on the market today. These panels are designed to create a stunning boundary offering an eye-catching and contemporary look.

Custom Fence Panels

With our bespoke service, you have complete control over the design of your fencing panels, regardless of the spacing, angles, or other creative requirements.

Our team specialises in constructing custom-sized panels, including filler panels, angled panels, and larger width and height options to ensure a uniform look.

We go above and beyond by offering this service to ensure our clients are met, for instance, let’s say you need 12.5 panels of 1800mm x 1800mm size to complete your border. We can create a set of oversized panels to ensure everything fits together seamlessly.

Benefits of bespoke fencing

By customising your fence panels, you can create a distinctive appearance and make the most of your property. The advantages of bespoke panels go beyond aesthetics:

Improved privacy – Bespoke panels allow for greater height specifications, enhancing both security and privacy.

Increased design options – Bespoke panels offer endless design possibilities, from various shapes and sizes, different width of slat, as well as gap size options. You can create visually appealing boundaries that will endure for years without sacrificing your preferred style.

Potential cost savings – With bespoke fence panels, you can design panels that meet your specific needs, so you won’t have to worry about overspending on materials or labour when you want to make changes.

f you have any questions or require assistance with customisation, our experienced team is available to help. Contact us today at 0161 764 5362 for further information.


What are the benefits of bespoke fence panels?

Bespoke fence panels provide many benefits, including improved privacy, increased design options, flexibility, and potential cost savings. Bespoke panels allow for an increase in height specification, better security and enhanced privacy due to the quality of the timbers used.

What materials are used to make bespoke fence panels?

Our bespoke fence panels are made from high-quality, sustainably sourced timbers, such as Western red cedar, Iroko, Douglas fir and pressure-treated options. The timber is carefully sourced to ensure it stands up to the elements and provides a stylish look for longer.

Do you offer a painting service?

Yes! Our team can paint and stain your bespoke fence panels to match the look of your property and surroundings. We also offer charring services for a unique finish. Contact us for more information about our painting services.

Are there any additional costs associated with bespoke fencing?

It depends on what changes you need. For example, if a panel needs trimming down to a smaller size, you will be charged for the whole panel. Additional costs will appear if you ask for modifications such as painting and staining.

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