Larch Storage

Larch Bin Stores

Starting From £850.00 Inc. VAT

The Larch Bin Store has been designed to house two to five wheelie bins,

Siberian Larch Storage

Our Larch storage options allow customers to store various items around their property, including wheelie bins, lawnmowers, garden furniture, bicycles, tools, and more.
Each storage option features a variety of slats, cladding boards, and optional extras, allowing customers to create an elegant finish that complements our fence panels and gates.

The bin stores can accommodate up to five wheelie bins as standard and offer customers a selection of customisation options.

The bike sheds can house up to four bicycles safely and securely. These sheds offer a range of exterior design options resulting in a stylish storage feature consistent with other slatted products within our portfolio.

The furniture and tool hold ensures that your outdoor space remains clutter-free in a modern fashion.

The Benefits of Larch

Siberian Larch is incredibly durable due to its slow-growing nature, resulting in dense and robust timber that withstands the test of time and harsh outdoor conditions.
Its high density and resin content naturally resist warping, rot, and decay, ensuring our storage solutions maintain their pristine appearance and functionality for over 20+ years with minimal maintenance.

Additionally, the resins in Siberian Larch act as natural insect repellents, making each storage option an unwelcome habitat for bugs and pests.

We take pride in offering a sustainable choice. Siberian Larch’s growth rate is over five times faster than its harvest rate, aligning perfectly with our eco-conscious values and providing peace of mind for you and the environment.

Larch Storage FAQs

What makes Larch Storage different from other storage options?

Our Larch storage options stand out due to the use of premium Siberian Larch timber, renowned for its unmatched strength and durability. Unlike traditional storage solutions, our Larch products are weather-resistant, naturally repel insects, and resist warping and decay, ensuring they remain pristine and functional for over 20+ years.

Do I need to treat or maintain the Larch storage products regularly?

One of the significant advantages of our Siberian Larch is its natural resistance to the elements and negatives such as decay and insects. However, to preserve its stunning appearance and enhance longevity, we recommend applying UV protection to reduce fading effects from the sun. Regular maintenance is minimal, making Larch a hassle-free and cost-effective choice.

Are Larch storage options easy to assemble?

Our Larch storage products are easy to assemble. We provide easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward setup process. With basic tools and minimal effort, your storage product will be ready for use in no time.