Wide Pressure Treated Slat

Starting From £6.60 Inc. VAT

Starting From £6.60 Inc. VAT

Our wide pressure treated fence slats are planed on all sides resulting in a stylish and contemporary-driven building material, one that is at a much lower cost than our Cedar and Larch alternatives.

  • High Quality Pressure-Treated Timber
  • Ideal For Any Building Project
  • 94mm x 17mm slats
  • Available in 2100mm & 2400mm lengths for delivery
  • Longer 3.3m lengths available for collection



Wide Pressure Treated Fence Slats

Our wide pressure treated fence slats give customers a stylish, durable and affordable timber to use on most renovation projects. These 94mm slats can be used to create a range of fence panels, screens, furniture and more.

The 94mm slats are made from the high-quality pressure-treated timber and are available in 2100mm & 2400mm lengths.

We also have a selection of wood protection and staining options allowing those with a creative mind the opportunity to create something truly special.

As much as our timber is high quality, we highly recommend clients add 5 – 10 % additional materials to your order, as we cannot supply every length defect free.
Timber is a natural product and sometimes has an odd defect, or knot, as such we cannot replace pieces due to natural defects.

Most can be rectified by sanding or trimming, but please allow a little extra material just in case.

Q. My wood has splits in it

A. This is a natural occurrence known as “Surface Checking”.

Checking is the separation of grain that occurs in timber as the moisture levels change and timber dries. It looks like cracks and splits in the wood and is a natural process.

All timber will develop small cracks or “surface checks” this can happen due to the changing weather conditions, rain one day (moisture), sunshine the next (heat).

Checking will randomly occur and is a natural process as the timber reacts to these changes.

Q. Why is my timber cracking and checking?

A. Wood is natural product and as much as we cut it, plane it and profile it, in the end some pieces will misbehave and do exactly what they want, a little bit like my teenage daughter!

Wood it literally like a sponge it will absorb, retain and release moisture, sun, rain, heat, cold along with other mechanical factors will force the wood to adapt to its environment, this is a term known as weathering.  The cracking/checking is a side effect of the timber trying to reach a natural equilibrium in its environment.

Timber starts drying from the outer/surface layers inward in order to reach a balance with its environment, as the outer layers dry and shrink, the moist, hard center (or heart wood) doesn’t give them room to shrink or compress, the cracks/checks are the wood’s way of relieving this pressure.

Q. Some pieces of timber are bowed, a knot has fallen out, it has sap in places.

A. Wood is natural product and as much as we cut it, plane it and profile it, in the end some pieces will misbehave and do exactly what they want, (a little bit like my teenage daughter!)

If fixed properly and at the correct spacing then on most occasions this bowing/bending can be rectified.

Occasionally though, you will get a piece that won’t quite do as its told and go where you want it to, this is why any timber supplier will always recommend adding around 10% additional to your order.

These things are quite natural and suppliers cannot supply every piece that is spirit level straight, knot or sap free, some allowances have to be made when working with products that nature produced, we just cut them and made them a little more pretty.

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