Thermally Modified Ayous Channel Cladding



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A discreet fix 144mm x 17mm (128mm cover) channel cladding board.

  • Thermally modified for stability and class leading durability
  • Almost defect free
  • Consistent colour and grain
  • Very light weight

Delivery estimated from £30 with a 3-5 working day lead time.

Thermally Modified Ayous Channel Cladding

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Thermally Modified Ayous Channel Cladding Boards

Our Thermally Modified Ayous Channel Cladding Boards will create a stylish and modern impact on any project, thanks to the dark, rich, and vibrant earthy tones created from the thermal process.

The thermal process is an intelligent system that results in a hardwearing and low-maintenance timber with an impressive lifespan of anywhere between 15 to 25 years, longer if treated regularly.

The timber is placed in a special electric-powered oven which heats to 210 degrees Celsius while maintaining a low-oxygen environment using a vacuum process. The heat and pressure produce a transformation at a molecular level during a cycle that lasts around 20 hours. The peak temperature is reached via a controlled cooling process, whilst gases are condensed and stored for safe disposal, resulting in a 96% reduction of air emissions & an immaculate, green product compared with other thermal modification processes.

This unique method results in high-quality, incredibly tough products without the harmful emissions and toxic chemicals used through other similar processes.

Thermo-Ayous 144mm Channel Cladding

Our exceptional 144mm x 17mm Channel Cladding, with enhanced stability, this timber is a reliable choice for architects and designers seeking durability and versatility in their projects.

Ideal for outdoor cladding, this profile boasts a face coverage of 128mm, ensuring a seamless and polished finish. The discrete fix not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the overall longevity of the installation.

The virtually knot free enhances the timber’s visual appeal, while the delicate grain adds a touch of refinement. Choosing Thermo-Ayous will ensure a stunning finish to any project.

Recommended to use stainless steel fixings.

Thermally Modified Ayous Features

Highest Quality Thermally Modified Ayous

Thermo-Ayous achieves a 1-2 class durability rating according to EU standards.

Impressive Lifespan

Being Thermally Modified, Ayous has a potential service life of 40 years.


The timber is clear grade, uniform and virtually knot free. Can take finishes and stains exceptionally well.

Contemporary Design

Our Thermo-Ayous will elevate any project with the sleek and modern aesthetics Thermo-Ayous brings.

Cost Comparison

Thermo-Ayous sits mid to high range, although typically comes in lower cost than some of he more popular species as a comparison.


Ideal for external cladding applications, fencing and gates.


Please view the technical dimensions of our Thermally Modified Ayous Channel Cladding.

Delivery Information

Here at Slatted Screen Fencing, we try to have your product ready to ship as soon as possible for the best price possible. We offer both delivery service and a collection from our warehouse service. Please see details of how delivery is priced for this product below.

Quanity Delivery Collection
1-15 Boards £30 Free
16-25 Boards £45 Free
26-50 Boards £65 Free
51-100 Boards £90 Free
101-225 Boards £130 Free
226+ Boards £160 Free

Please note: Collection is available only from our warehouse based in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Please see some of the most commonly asked questions.

Will my Ayous cladding weather/turn grey overtime?

Yes, like all timbers, Thermally Modified Ayous will fade will the sunlight overtime to a silver-grey. To slow this fading process down, you can use a good quality UV protection oil. This will need repeating annually depending on how much UV light your timbers get.

What does ‘Thermally Modify’ mean?

Thermally modified wood, is a wood that has been modified by controlled temperature, in an oxygen free environment. This process changes the chemical structure which increases its durability.

Can I oil my timber?

Yes, a good quality protection oil is recommended for some extra TLC. You can choose a UV clear protection oil should you wish to slow the fading process down.

Do I need to use stainless steel fixings?

Yes, the oils in the timber react with galvanised fixings, leaving black marks on your wood. Only stainless-steel fixings should be use.

Does Thermally Modified timber have knots?

Ayous has very little knots and is virtually knot free, minimising any waste.

Can Thermally Modified timber be used indoors?

Yes it can be used indoors.

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