Cedar Interlocking Slat

Starting From £11.20 Inc. VAT

Starting From £11.20 Inc. VAT

Our new narrow cedar interlocking slats are designed to allow you to achieve the look of a slatted panel without compromising on privacy as no actual gaps are between the slats. The slats come together to give a 5mm separation that results in a shadowed line.

  • Interlocking profile for complete privacy with no gaps.
  • Same premium quality Canadian cedar with a planed finish.
  • Can be used for cladding for outbuildings or sheds.
  • 5mm Shadow Line
  • 6ft & 7ft lengths carried in stock

Should you have any questions regarding our interlocking cedar slats please contact us directly.


Our new narrow interlocking slats are designed to allow you to achieve the look of a slatted panel but will give complete privacy as no actual gaps are between the slats, instead a 5mm shadow line gives this impression.

Our range of Individual Western Red Cedar slats is perfect for those clients who wish to create their own screening, fencing, planters, etc.

Wondering how many interlocking slats you need to order?

For every 1.0m high you would require 20 slats.  A typical 1.8m high panel (roughly 6ft) would require 36, half this number for a 900mm/3ft panel.

We would also recommend adding a couple of the standard 44mm slats to use vertically on the rear to keep your slats in position.

Some more of our more common questions are answered below, hopefully, we have answered yours, if not drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Is your cedar British or Canadian?

Our Western Red Cedar comes from Canada and it is graded no2 clear allowing 15/20% of no4, so you can be assured this is a high-quality cedar.

Is it sustainable?

The short answer is yes, our cedar comes from a PEFC certified importer, which is certified that stock comes from a sustainable source.

How do I fix my cedar?

Whether you are using nails or screws they must be stainless steel, galvanised fixings will react with the natural oils in the cedar and leave black marks around the fixings, please make your installer aware if they have not used cedar before.

What is the colour of cedar?

Canadian Western Red Cedar has a mix of warm amber tones that range from reddish browns, dark chocolatey browns to lighter beige, this is what gives cedar its unique look.

The lengths are all slightly different?

This is quite common when buying cedar, our cedar is sold in lengths of 6ft to 9ft not the metric sizes of 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m etc, Canada use imperial measuring as oppose to the metric system, so your cedar will arrive approximately 6ft or 7ft etc, it may even be slightly longer, don’t panic, it may mean having to trim but this also means you get a nice clean and square-cut, just allow for this when using this material.

 Do I need to protect my cedar?

We recommend applying Seasonite new wood protection to your new cedar, this will help protect it in its first year out in the elements, click the link for more information on Seasonite.

I want to help keep/enhance the colour of the cedar, how do I do this?

Using a clear oil that has UV protection will prevent the weathering/greying effect, it will also deepen the colour of the cedar and bring out the grain, Slatted Screen Fencing recommend using Owatrol Textrol HES single coat penetrating oil, see link for more information.

Additional Info

Like most cedar suppliers, our cedar is supplied what is called “green” or “wet” don’t worry it’s not green in colour or dripping wet when you get it, it simply means it is fresh cut and has not been seasoned (left to air dry for a long period of time).

Western red cedar is often mistaken for hardwood, it is actually a softwood although it is classed as a durable softwood due to the fact it contains natural oils that protect the timber from rot, decay and insect damage, this is why it has been used for centuries in Canada and the US and is an ideal choice for exterior use.

As much as our timber is high quality, being a natural product, we highly recommend clients add 5 – 10 % additional materials to your order, the odd knot or a small chip or split is sometimes possible and slats will arrive in 6ft lengths, sometimes slightly longer to allow you to clean-cut the ends, allow some extra time to do this.

Timber is a natural product and sometimes has an odd defect/knot. Most can be rectified by sanding or trimming, but please allow a little extra material just in case.

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