Narrow Larch Slats

Starting From £6.50 Inc. VAT

Starting From £6.50 Inc. VAT

Narrow Larch Slats

Our A Grade, 44mm x 17mm profile is planed on all four sides and has eased corners, which gives a premium finish over a standard square edged piece of timber.  The slats add a very modern and contemporary look to your garden fence, building, garden office or whatever else you may be using them for and the eased corner profile creates a stunning shadow line which allows rainwater to run off.

Siberian Larch coming from the cold climate of Russia where winters are long and summers pass in a blink of an eye means the timber is slow-growing, this gives a very dense and tight grain, something that is sought after in this type of product as it will take the odd bump of scuff without to much damage and having a high amount of resin is what gives Siberian larch its fantastic natural resistance to rot and decay and its long lifespan.

Siberian Larch is  light sandy beige/yellow colour, it can be little knotty but this adds to the natural beauty of the timber, see our larch panels to see a true representation in panel form as small pictures of single slats don’t show them in as great detail.

Being Kiln dried and having the lovely grain it makes the perfect timber for charring or using our range of coloured oils to transform this timber into something stunning.

  • High-quality Grade A Siberian Larch
  • 2.0m Lengths for delivery
  • lengths for collection
  • Premium finish with planed sides
  • Kiln Dried

Please note: We recommend the use of stainless steel nails, screws or fixings as other metals such as galvanised can cause staining and unsightly marks. Longer lengths available upon request


Our narrow range of individual fence battens is perfect for creative types looking to create something totally unique within their home or property. The larch battens allow customers to build their own fence panels, gates and screens which are renowned for creating a fresh modern look. Our Narrow Larch Slats are available in different lengths and widths – We also have a wide batten available.

Should you have any questions regarding our wide fence and gate battens or wish to seek some advice on how best to approach your project, please contact one of our team today on 0161 764 5362 or 07884 184 842 where we can give you the best advice.

Our range of Siberian Larch slats is perfect for those clients who wish to create their own screening, fencing, planters, etc.  The slats can be left as they are treated for outdoor use or should you wish to, you can stain them to a colour of your choice.

The slats are profiled to 44mm x 17mm and are planed smooth on all four sides, they have eased (slightly rounded) corners to give a premium finish to the timber, this will give a much higher quality look to any project over using say a rough sawn slat or roofing batten.

Wondering how many slats you need to order?

Well, this would depend on the gap you want to use between them, with our slats being slightly wider than most on the market we have found that around 10-12mm works best, but this is just our opinion, this is your project so you decide what works best for you.

If you were looking to build a panel around 1.8m (6ft) high then you would need 32 slats, this is based on using a 12mm gap, we would also recommend a couple extra to run vertically on the rear, these keep the gaps between the slats even and consistent, so 34 slats in total.  Want a smaller gap of say 6mm? then you’d want around 36, plus the 2 for the rear 38 in total.

As much as our timber is a quality product, it’s a natural product, knots, small chips, marking or scuffing can be quite common, any making is easily rectified with a little light sanding and knots or small chips usually solved by turning the slat so you have a good face side.

But to avoid any delays in finishing your project, we suggest adding some extra slats to your order, if you order the exact amount and find you have a couple that has a knot you do not like, or one that has worked loose, or something similar, then this will only slow your project down and potentially cost more money in extra delivery costs and replacement product.

Remember nature grew the tree and it didn’t check it with a spirit level while it was growing, allow for the odd quirk, bow or knot, order some additional just in case.  We cannot guarantee that every slat will be perfect and therefore we cannot replace a slat because of something that is a natural occurrence

Q. My wood has splits in it

A. This is a natural occurrence known as “Surface Checking”.

Checking is the separation of grain that occurs in timber as the moisture levels change and timber dries. It looks like cracks and splits in the wood and is a natural process.

All timber will develop small cracks or “surface checks” this can happen due to the changing weather conditions, rain one day (moisture), sunshine the next (heat).

Checking will randomly occur and is a natural process as the timber reacts to these changes.

Q. Why is my timber cracking and checking?

A. Wood is natural product and as much as we cut it, plane it and profile it, in the end some pieces will misbehave and do exactly what they want, a little bit like my teenage daughter!

Wood it literally like a sponge it will absorb, retain and release moisture, sun, rain, heat, cold along with other mechanical factors will force the wood to adapt to its environment, this is a term known as weathering.  The cracking/checking is a side effect of the timber trying to reach a natural equilibrium in its environment.

Timber starts drying from the outer/surface layers inward in order to reach a balance with its environment, as the outer layers dry and shrink, the moist, hard center (or heart wood) doesn’t give them room to shrink or compress, the cracks/checks are the wood’s way of relieving this pressure.

Q. Some pieces of timber are bowed, a knot has fallen out, it has sap in places.

A. Wood is natural product and as much as we cut it, plane it and profile it, in the end some pieces will misbehave and do exactly what they want, (a little bit like my teenage daughter!)

If fixed properly and at the correct spacing then on most occasions this bowing/bending can be rectified.

Occasionally though, you will get a piece that won’t quite do as its told and go where you want it to, this is why any timber supplier will always recommend adding around 10% additional to your order.

These things are quite natural and suppliers cannot supply every piece that is spirit level straight, knot or sap free, some allowances have to be made when working with products that nature produced, we just cut them and made them a little more pretty.


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